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Majority of Americans Think Cable TV Has Become "Unaffordable" 10-30-2018 The Hollywood Reporter
Top U.S. Pay TV Providers Lost 405K Subs in Q3: Analyst 11-15-2017 Multichannel News
Top U.S. Pay TV Providers Lost 795K Subs in 2016: LRG 03-16-2017 Multichannel News
Total U.S. MVPD Revs Up, OTT Rising Faster 03-14-2017 Mediapost
Top U.S. Pay TV Providers Shed 665K Subs in Q2 08-15-2016 Multichannel News
Stanford study: T-Mobile's Binge On is 'likely illegal' 01-29-2016 The Verge
Cord-Cutters Drive Pay TV Q2 Sub Losses 08-09-2015 Multichannel News
Cable TV box rental fees cost average household $232 a year 07-31-2015 Ars Technica
Cord-Cutting Is Here, but It`s Not Big (Yet) 11-06-2014 Recode
Reasons for Video Cord Cutting May Be Different Than for 'Cord-Nevers' 11-03-2014 Telecompetitor
Cord-Cutting `Slows To A Crawl`: Analyst 08-07-2014 Multichannel News
Report: Pay TV Subscriptions Poised for Comeback 04-15-2014 Home Media Magazine
Report: Pay-TV Remains Resilient 01-20-2014 Home Media Magazine
Cord-Cutting Fears Overblown? Pay-TV Industry May Actually Grow Slightly in 2014 01-09-2014 Variety
Top U.S. Pay-TV Operators Shed 25,000 Subs in Q3 11-18-2013 Multichannel News
Report: IPTV Defies Pay-TV Cord-Cutting 08-14-2013 Home Media Magazine
Cord Cutting No Longer an `Urban Myth`: Analyst 08-06-2013 Multichannel News
Pay-TV Sector Posts Worst Q1 Subscriber Trends in Four Years 05-10-2013 Variety
Pay-TV Growth Lags Behind Housing Rebound 03-20-2013 WSJ - Reg. Req'd
Major Multi-Channel Video Providers Added About 170K Subscribers in 2012 03-18-2013 Press Release
Nielsen report finds cable operators lost 2.7 million households between Q3 2011, Q3 2012 01-15-2013 Fierce Cable
Survey: 7% Of Pay-TV Subs Pondering Pulling The Plug 04-05-2011 Multichannel News
Cord Cutting May Be Overhyped 03-18-2011 eMarketer
Wireless is Different 08-16-2010 AT&T blog
U-verse TV Hits 2 Million Mark 12-09-2009 Multichannel News
Report: A Quarter Million Droids Sold In First Week 11-17-2009 Online Media Daily
IPTV subscribers up 179 percent 10-09-2007 Telecommunications Online
Getting over YouTube 10-08-2007 Telephony
Telcos add more broadband subs in Q2, cable ops still lead market 08-16-2007 CED
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