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Number Of TV Channels Received By U.S. Households Falls Dramatically 02-14-2020 Mediapost
Ad Execs Plan to Spend More on ESPN, HGTV 01-13-2020 Multichannel News
Cord-Cutters Show Interest in Discovery Channel: Survey 06-20-2019 Multichannel News
Netflix Again Blows Past HBO, Others as No. 1 Pick for ‘Best Original Programming,’ Survey Finds 05-20-2019 Variety
You'd happily share passwords for Netflix, HBO and more, despite risk 02-12-2019 CNET
Almost 500 Scripted Shows Aired in 2018, But We Still Haven’t Hit Peak TV 12-13-2018 Vulture
Viacom Ad Revs Forecast To Drop, Will Rely On vMVPDs 03-22-2018 Mediapost
All ‘Major’ TV Networks to Launch OTT, Direct-to-Consumer Services by 2022: TDG 03-14-2018 Multichannel News
ESPN Most Valuable Net to Cable Operators: Survey 02-15-2018 Multichannel News
Live TV Viewing Falls in First Quarter: Nielsen 07-12-2017 Multichannel News
Consumers Prefer 'à La Carte' TV Networks 03-27-2017 Home Media
70% Of U.S. TV Nets Lost Traditional Pay TV Subscribers 12-30-2016 Mediapost
Cord-Cutting Hits Cable Nets Across The Board 04-25-2016 Mediapost
Discovery is getting 60 million Facebook video views per month 01-29-2016 Digiday
Standalone Streaming Services Far More Popular On Roku Than TV Everywhere Apps 01-21-2016 Variety
Greenfield: 56% of Pay TV Subs Would Drop ESPN 01-13-2016 Multichannel News
Why This Study on Millennial Sports Video Habits Should Worry ESPN 11-16-2015 Fortune
Summer-TV Watchers Abandon Cable Shows 08-17-2015 WSJ
Cable Networks Stuffing More Ads Into Programs 08-03-2015 B&C
A La Carte: These Are the TV Channels People Would Actually Pay For 06-17-2015 Variety
Nielsen Charts Reach of Video Streaming 03-11-2015 NY Times
Cable TV Group Blames Subscription Web TV For Ratings Woes 03-10-2015 WSJ
Yes, We Watch Online, But Overwhelmingly We Watch TV Fare 01-26-2015 Mediapost
17% Of Broadband Homes `Likely` To Pay For HBO`s OTT 01-22-2015 Multichannel News
TV Viewing Slips as Streaming Booms, Nielsen Report Shows 12-03-2014 WSJ
Cable Under Fire: Plunge in Ratings Could Spell Trouble for Top Nets 11-04-2014 Variety
Horizon Media: More Than One-Third of Consumers Interested In Stand-Alone HBO Service 10-28-2014 Mediapost
Pay TV`s New Worry: `Shaving` the Cord 10-10-2014 WSJ
Where do the most people go for TV online? YouTube 09-22-2014 CNET
Winter Has Come for TV Advertising: YouTubers Are Getting More Viewers Than `Game of Thrones` 06-16-2014 BetaBeat
Viacom Study: TV Everywhere Users Watch More TV Overall 05-22-2014 Lost Remote
Viewing Habits Show Traditional TV Networks Still Reign Supreme 04-29-2014 Adweek
Nielsen: TV Viewing Still Dwarfs Online Video Consumption 03-09-2014 Home Media Magazine
Showtime, HBO, Starz blast NPD study that says they lost subscribers 01-21-2014 LA Times
As Netflix Rises, More People Are Canceling HBO and Showtime 01-20-2014 Variety
Cable TV Contributes More than 60 Percent of Hollywood Profits 01-06-2014 The Hollywood Reporter
The Ugly Numbers Behind Unbundled Cable TV 12-06-2013 Bloomberg Businessweek
An inside look at ESPN`s growth across multiple platforms 10-28-2013 Lost Remote
ABI: Content owners buying gear to bypass pay TV 04-10-2013 Fierce Online Video
NCAA March Madness Live Generates Record 45 Million Live Streams 04-02-2013 Multichannel News
Analyst Ups Netflix-Nickelodeon Debate 03-26-2013 Home Media Magazine
YES Extends Run as Top RSN in Total-Day to a Decade 01-16-2013 Multichannel News
What Difference Does Cable Make? 10-08-2012 eMarketer
Duh: Analyst Says TV Programming Price Increases Are Unsustainable 10-01-2012 TechCrunch
HBO Go tops Netflix in mobile usage time 08-09-2012 Variety
Mother`s New Little Helper: Netflix 07-23-2012 AllThingsD
Analyst: Netflix`s Popularity Driven by Kids TV Content 07-02-2012 The Hollywood Reporter
Theatrical Movies Drive Basic Cable Expenditures, Viewing 06-26-2012 Home Media Magazine
Report: `Game of Thrones` Most-Pirated TV Show 06-11-2012 Home Media Magazine
Netflix Eating Into Ratings Of Viacom, Disney Nets: Analyst 04-26-2012 Multichannel News
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