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Survey Says: 92% of Consumers Want A La Carte 04-18-2012 Multichannel News
Citigroup cuts media companies on cable TV fatigue 04-09-2012 Reuters
More Consumers 'Shaving' Cable Costs by Turning to Online Video 03-21-2012 PC Magazine
Ratings Take Slide on Cable 03-26-2012 WSJ - Reg. Req'd
Online TV Shows Go From Nice-To-Have To Expect-To-See, Social Sharing Becoming A Must 02-28-2012 MediaDailyNews
TV Plus iPad: Simultaneous Use Enhances Engagement for Many 02-09-2012 AdAge Tops 100 Million Video Starts Per Month in 2011 01-26-2012 B&C
HBO sub growth stalls amid cable biz losses 09-07-2011 Variety`s Casey Anthony Verdict Live Stream Logs 1.9 Mil Views 07-06-2011 The Hollywood Reporter
Turner Discloses Tens Of Thousands Of Online Viewers Being Added To Its TV Ratings 06-14-2011 MediaDailyNews
NBA Digital Scores with Record-Breaking Success via Online and Mobile for The Finals 2011 06-14-2011 Press Release
Maybe Cord Cutting Isn`t Here Yet. What About Cord Shaving? 04-12-2011 AllThingsD
Latest ESPN Study of Multichannel Households Shows Net Zero Loss to Cord Cutters 03-15-2011 Press Release
Report: FNC Highest-Valued Non-Sports Cable Net 02-23-2011 B&C
TV Dominates As Live Medium, Cord-Cutting Disputed 12-30-2010 Mediapost
Doubt Cast On Research Suggesting Equal Time For TV And Online 12-15-2010 Paid Content
With Summer, Big Cable Channels Keep Getting Bigger 08-16-2010 NY Times
Gulf Spill Lifts Live Video Viewing For 07-22-2010 Mediaweek
Turner: Viewers Watching More TV In 2010 07-12-2010 Multichannel News
Multiplatform Usage Soars Around World Cup: ESPN XP Research 06-17-2010 Multichannel News
Study: Video Ads Drive `Significant Uplift` 03-26-2010 Online Media Daily
Hate Paying For Cable? Here’s Why. 03-08-2010 AllThingsD
Cable Caps Decade Of Ratings Dominance With Strong 2009 12-31-2009 Multichannel News
The decade in television: Cable, the Internet become players 12-29-2009 USA Today
Cable Nets to Post 4.4% Gain in `09 09-10-2009 Adweek
ESPN Espouses `Seven Principles Of Cross Media Research` 07-29-2009 Multichannel News
Vampires Stake Their Claim Online 07-24-2009 Adweek
Most Cable Customers Give `TV Everywhere` Thumbs Up: Survey 07-16-2009 Multichannel News
ESPN Unveils Online Vs. TV Scores, Finds It's No `Zero Sum` Game 12-04-2008 Online Media Daily
Nielsen: TV Viewing Hits All-Time High 11-25-2008 Mediaweek
Hitwise: CNN Most-Visited TV Network Site On Election Day, MSNBC Has Highest Traffic In 12-Year History 11-06-2008 Online Media Daily
Web Views Surge for Barely Political, Obama Girl 10-07-2008 TV Week
Olympics, Football Turn Workers Into Online Spectators 10-03-2008 Online Media Daily
TV`s Future Looks Like Web`s Present 08-28-2008 Adweek
Jonas Brothers Turn MTV Streams Into Flood 08-14-2008 TV Week
ESPN Broadband Scores With Golf, Soccer 07-22-2008 MediaDailyNews
Counting Heads in Web Video 02-18-2008 TV Week
Showtime Polishes The Apple 01-11-2008 Multichannel News
MTVN: More than 1.2B Video Streams from,, 12-28-2007 B&C
CNN, Yahoo!, MSNBC Lead Online News 12-18-2007 Adweek
Watching TV on the laptop--and on the cheap 10-17-2007
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