• New Kaltura White Paper: Smart Video Monetization

    The combination of changing viewer behaviors and new technologies has made monetizing video more complicated than ever. Whether you're a video industry incumbent or a new startup, learning how to monetize video has become a top priority and a key challenge.

    To help address these questions, and present real-world success stories, I'm pleased to highlight a complimentary new white paper from Kaltura, which I've collaborated on, called "Smart Video Monetization - Striking the Right Balance."

    The white paper explains why there's no such thing as a "one size fits all" strategy; rather, savvy content providers need to understand their own particular dynamics and then craft a multi-pronged smart video monetization strategy. This may include a mix of advertising, subscriptions, transactions, personalization and distribution. Importantly, monetization must address different use cases - live vs. on-demand, web vs. mobile app, open access vs. DRM-protected, etc.

    To make the smart video monetization concept more tangible, the white paper shares case studies on 11 content and service providers around the world, including Dogus Media Group, Globecast, HBO Latin America, Indieflix, Internet Broadcasting, MediaCorp, NewsBeat Social, Sesame Workshop, Solar Entertainment, Toon Goggles and Tecvidya. Each provides details on the strategies, challenges and monetization models being used and how Kaltura's suite of technology tools supports them.

    As a bonus, Kaltura is also offering those who download the white paper a 50% discount on tickets to its upcoming Kaltura Connect 2014 Conference in NYC.

    Download the white paper now.

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