• Top Videos' Social Sharing Rate in First 3 Days Post-Launch Nearly Doubles

    Unruly has released new data from its Social Diffusion Curve, showing that, for the top 4,000 videos, 42% of total social sharing now occurs within 3 days of their launch, up from 25% a year ago. Social shares on the day following launch increased from 10% to 18% of total shares and within the first week increased from 37% to 65% of total.

    Unruly noted that the acceleration of upfront sharing reinforces how important immediate post-launch activity is becoming to a branded video's overall online reach and impact.

    Separate, Unruly also introduced a new skippable pre-roll ad format in its Unruly Activate video distribution platform which reaches nearly 1.2 billion monthly viewers outside of YouTube. Unruly has integrated with over 60 data management platforms for enhanced targeting and programmatic buying. Advertisers only pay when ads have been watched to completion or at the 30-second mark.  

    Related, last week I shared insights from a great Unruly presentation I attended on why branded videos go viral.

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