• Football is Helping Drive Online Video Advertising

    It turns out that football not only drives audience spikes on TV, but also online video advertising and engagement across devices. That's according to Adap.tv which this morning released select data from its video ad marketplace. Adap.tv has found that football has driven an overall 81% increase in video ad opportunities, with a 127% bump in smartphone video ads, 120% on desktops and 22% on tablets. 

    Beyond the growth in ad inventory, viewers appear more engaged as well. Completion rates are up 9.4% and clicks are up by 90%. No surprise the increased engagement tracks very closely to when games are on, though it does vary by device. As the below infographic shows, the biggest jumps in clicks occurred on Mondays (tablets), Sundays (desktop) and Thursdays (smartphones).

    Adap.tv's data covers the period from mid-August to late September.

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