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Ratings bombshell: In two years, network TV demos plummeted 27 percent 01-28-2019 AdAge
Broadcast networks' premiere week ratings take a hit as viewers watch on delay 10-04-2017 LA Times
Strong TV Upfront Gains, Revenues Hit $19.7B 07-18-2017 Mediapost
The 2016–2017 TV Season in 5 Really Depressing Charts 05-15-2017 Vulture
ABC Study Makes the Best Case Yet That TV Advertising Is Still Superior to Digital 05-17-2016 Adweek
TV`s Night Flight: 10 p.m. Ratings Waste Away 03-06-2015 AdAge
`Big Four` Nets Rebound In `Must Keep TV` Survey 07-15-2014 Multichannel News
Fifty Shades of Grey: Broadcast Audience Older Than Ever 10-16-2013 AdWeek
As DVRs Shift TV Habits, Ratings Calculations Follow 10-07-2013 NY Times
ABC iPad Player App Popular: 47 Million Streams Served 10-18-2011 Online Media Daily
ABC on the iPad: Two Million Apps Downloaded and 28 Million Episodes Seen 06-10-2011
In DVR Ratings, Some Shows Find Good News 10-26-2010 NY Times - Media Decoder
ABC Top Network Online, comScore 07-16-2010 Mediaweek
Big Four Broadcast Networks Set for 20% Gain in Upfront Market 04-30-2010 AdAge
Online Video One Step Closer to TV-Sized Ad Loads 02-08-2010 AdAge
Cable Caps Decade Of Ratings Dominance With Strong 2009 12-31-2009 Multichannel News
The decade in television: Cable, the Internet become players 12-29-2009 USA Today
The Most Time-Shifted Shows of the Fall Season 12-16-2009 AdAge
Audiences dive into the DVR 10-13-2009 Variety
ABC series score online audiences 06-15-2009 Variety
TV Marketplace Ready When Marketers Are 04-24-2009 AdAge
Hulu, NBC Universal lead long-form video surge 04-23-2009 Video Business
`Lost` finds online audience 04-14-2009 Variety
Nielsen: ABC Dominating in Online TV Race 03-16-2009 Mediaweek, CBS Interactive Increase Traffic 02-12-2009 TV Week
Online at least, NBC and ABC are tops 11-20-2008 Media Life
TV Nets Triple Online Viewers In September 11-07-2008 Online Media Daily
Networks lose ground in the fall TV season 11-05-2008 USA Today
Online Viewership of ABC Shows Soars in May 07-15-2008 Mediaweek
Study: Live TV Viewers Getting Older 06-27-2008 B&C
Video Fuels Gains for PBS Online 06-26-2008 TV Week
ABC's Sweeney Touts Benefits of Web Content 03-07-2008 Mediaweek
YouTube Is Top Destination Across All Online Audience Segments 02-15-2008 Online Media Daily
Broadband Video Grows; TV Preferred 01-03-2008 Adweek
Downloading Videos On The Rise Among Internet Users 12-06-2007 Online Media Daily
Networks set for $120m from web ads 11-29-2007 Financial Times
Move Networks Sees Increased Viewership of Long-Form Online Video 11-13-2007 TV Week
Watching TV on the laptop--and on the cheap 10-17-2007
NBC’s Deal or No Deal Tops Surfed Show Sites 10-11-2007 B&C
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