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TV Long View: The Mind-Blowing Amount of Time Americans Spend Watching TV 07-13-2019 The Hollywood Reporter
Ratings bombshell: In two years, network TV demos plummeted 27 percent 01-28-2019 AdAge
Nielsen: 16M U.S. homes now get TV over-the-air, a 48% increase over past 8 years 01-15-2019 TechCrunch
C3 Primetime Ratings Dropped 12% During August 09-14-2018 Multichannel News
Younger Viewers Watching TV Out of Home 05-24-2018 Multichannel News
Streaming Tech Reaches Third Of Universe, Eroding 'Traditional TV' Viewing 11-07-2017 Mediapost
OTT Growth Helped By Connected TV 08-11-2017 Mediapost
C3 Viewership Decline Steepens; Down Double Digits In Q2 07-24-2017 Mediapost
Live TV Viewing Falls in First Quarter: Nielsen 07-12-2017 Multichannel News
TV Screen Dominates Adult Viewing in Q4, Nielsen says 05-26-2017 Multichannel News
DVR dead, live TV dying among the young 04-16-2017 nScreenMedia
Millennials More Likely to Stream, Less Likely to Avoid Ads 03-02-2017 Multichannel News
This Study From Nielsen and Google Says YouTube and Linear TV Help Each Other 08-26-2016 Adweek
Branded Content Scores Better Than Pre-Roll 07-20-2016 Mediapost
Nielsen: SVOD Penetration Catches DVRs 06-27-2016 Multichannel News
Total TV, Video Consumption Grows Slightly In Q4 2015 03-25-2016 Mediapost
Nielsen: 65% of TV Viewers Watch VOD Programing 03-23-2016 Home Media Magazine
The Smartphone Is Eating the Television, Nielsen Admits 12-09-2015 Fortune
TV-Connected Devices Bring Consumers Together in the Living Room 11-19-2015 Nielsen blog
Digital-Video Use Increases In All Parts of Day - Nielsen 09-21-2015 Variety
Nielsen: 73% of Consumers Still Buy or Rent Movies and TV shows 08-18-2015 Home Media Magazine
CBS Says Millennials Love TV. It Just Couldn't Find Them. 08-10-2015 Recode
Nielsen Charts Reach of Video Streaming 03-11-2015 NY Times
Nielsen: SVOD Services in 41% of U.S. Homes 03-11-2015 B&C
TV`s Night Flight: 10 p.m. Ratings Waste Away 03-06-2015 AdAge
Infographic: a Look at Kids` Media Consumption 02-23-2015 Adweek
Millenials ditching their TV sets at a record rate 02-16-2015 NY Post
TV Viewing Slips as Streaming Booms, Nielsen Report Shows 12-03-2014 WSJ
Nielsen Measures 7%-9% Ratings Lift From Out-of-Home TV Test in Chicago 11-06-2014 Press Release
Pay TV`s New Worry: `Shaving` the Cord 10-10-2014 WSJ
March Madness Dunks Record Digital Views in Early Play - with Apparently No Glitches 03-21-2014 Variety
Report Reveals Gross Disparity In Online Video Ratings, Implies Overstatement 03-21-2014 Mediapost
Traditional TV Viewing Still Way Ahead of Internet and Mobile 03-11-2014 Mediapost
Nielsen: TV Viewing Still Dwarfs Online Video Consumption 03-09-2014 Home Media Magazine
Screen Time: TV Time-Shifted Viewing Rises Cross-Platform 03-05-2014 MediaDailyNews
Mobile Video Audience Tops 100 Million In Q4, More Time On Mobile Web 03-05-2014 Mobile Marketing Daily
More Ads Seen By VOD Viewers Than DVR Or Live TV 12-18-2013 MediaDailyNews
Fifty Shades of Grey: Broadcast Audience Older Than Ever 10-16-2013 AdWeek
Are Advertisers Spending Too Much On Online Video? 09-11-2013 AdAge
Video on demand reaches 60% of TV homes, Nielsen finds 09-09-2013 LA Times
Nielsen Study: Higher Tweet Volume Drives TV Tune-In 29% of the Time 08-06-2013 AdAge
U.S. Mobile Video Audience Spikes To 45 Million 06-10-2013 Online Media Daily
Social TV Use Appears to Be Growing 06-10-2013 AdWeek
Online Video Ads Have Higher Impact Than TV Ads 05-01-2013 AdWeek
Women Are Watching More TV, Video, Prefer Positive Ad Messages 04-12-2013 Online Media Daily
Cable Companies Still Whistling Past The Cord-Cutting Graveyard 03-27-2013 ReadWrite
Digital Video Usage Grows On Gaming Consoles 03-15-2013 Online Media Daily
Mobile Ads Trump TV To Promote Terrain SUV 02-12-2013 Online Media Daily
Latest Nielsen Data Confirms: A Decline in TV Consumption Is Underway 01-29-2013 The Diffusion Group
DVR Analysis: Broadcasters Want Their Cake and Eat It Too 01-15-2013 Home Media Magazine
Nielsen report finds cable operators lost 2.7 million households between Q3 2011, Q3 2012 01-15-2013 Fierce Cable
How Much TV is Being Time-Shifted? 01-15-2013 Marketing Charts
TV, Tablet Multiviewing Rises, Sports Big Draw 12-05-2012 Online Media Daily
Netflix Users Watch Less Regular TV: Nielsen 11-13-2012 Multichannel News
Nielsen shows how people use TV differently 09-11-2012 AP
Forget CDs. Teens Are Tuning Into YouTube 08-14-2012 WSJ
Internet-Enabled TV On The Rise 08-02-2012 MediaDailyNews
Survey: Netflix Users Streaming More TV 07-12-2012 Nielsen Wire
Mobile video views are getting huge, with tablets consuming over 36 minutes each week 07-12-2012 The Next Web
Nielsen Says 163.5M Watched Online Video in May, I Say We Need Reporting Standardization 06-25-2012 ReelSEO
TV Begins Eroding As Primary Video Device: Forcing Redefinitions Of `Households` 06-12-2012 MediaDailyNews
Trad TV Competes With Mobile For Video Viewing 05-15-2012 Online Media Daily
Nielsen Reports a Decline in Television Viewing 05-03-2012 NY Times - Media Decoder
Cross-Platform Report: How We Watch From Screen to Screen 05-03-2012 Nielsen Wire
Those Multitasking, Smartphone, Connected TV-loving Moms 04-19-2012 AdWeek
TV Time Is Tablet Time, Survey Says 04-05-2012 Forbes
New Nielsen Ratings to Measure TV and Online Ads Together 03-19-2012 NY Times - Media Decoder
Key 18-34 Demo Major Mobile, Online Video Users 02-23-2012 Online Media Daily
Broadcast-Only TV Homes With Broadband Soar: Nielsen 02-09-2012 Multichannel News
Youths Are Watching, but Less Often on TV 02-09-2012 NY Times
Video grows on gaming consoles 12-15-2011 Variety
Cross-Platform Hotspots: Top U.S. Cities for TV, Web and Mobile 10-20-2011 Nielsen Wire
Nielsen: 40% of Tablet, Smartphone Owners Use the Devices Daily While Watching TV 10-17-2011 Home Media Magazine
Nielsen: Top TV Shows Are False Idols, Web Builds Reach Better 10-03-2011 Online Media Daily
Nielsen: Social Networks Dominate Online Time 09-14-2011 Home Media Magazine
Nielsen Unveils Plan To Make Facebook Panel The `GRP` Of Online Advertising, Cites New `Demo` Breaks 09-14-2011 Online Media Daily
June 2011: Top U.S. Online Destinations for Video 07-20-2011 Nielsen Wire
YouTube Still Streamers Paradise 07-15-2011 Mediapost
Cross Platform Report: Americans Watching More TV, Mobile and Web Video 06-16-2011 Press Release
Council for Research Excellence Establishes Comprehensive Database for Study of Video-User Experience 06-16-2011 Press Release
Heavy Streaming Video Viewers Watch Less TV, Nielsen Says 06-14-2011 MediaDailyNews
Turner Discloses Tens Of Thousands Of Online Viewers Being Added To Its TV Ratings 06-14-2011 MediaDailyNews
Class of `11 is watching less TV 06-13-2011 Variety
Internet Usage, Video Streams Soar 05-20-2011 Online Media Daily
Ownership of TV Sets Falls in U.S. 05-03-2011 NY Times
Research: YouTube Beats iTunes For Consumers` Music Attention 04-13-2011 Paid Content
Mobile Video Audience Up 40% in 4Q 03-31-2011 Online Media Daily
Caught Up in the Online Video Stream 03-28-2011 NY Times
Latest ESPN Study of Multichannel Households Shows Net Zero Loss to Cord Cutters 03-15-2011 Press Release
Android Pulls Ahead In U.S. Smartphone Share 03-03-2011 Online Media Daily
Netflix Surges In Nielsen`s First Video Data In 7 Months 02-14-2011 Paid Content
TV Viewing Continues to Edge Up 01-03-2011 NY Times
More Americans Watching Mobile Video 12-09-2010 Nielsen Wire
Nielsen study: We`re still a nation of couch pumpkins 11-19-2010 LA Times
Do Online Viewers Watch Less TV? New Poll`s Findings Might Surprise You 11-15-2010 The Hollywood Reporter
Vast Majority of TV Viewing Still in Standard Definition 11-11-2010 WSJ - Digits blog
Digital Home: Nielsen`s Idell: No One Is `Cutting The Cord` - Yet 11-09-2010 Paid Content
Android Most Popular Operating System in U.S. Among Recent Smartphone Buyers 10-05-2010 Nielsen Wire
Nielsen Tech Survey Finds More HDTVs, DVRs 10-01-2010 B&C
Kantar Media Taps Nielsen`s Boehme for Research Post 09-07-2010 B&C
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