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Half of U.S. Consumers Say Disney Plus Is ‘As Good As’ Netflix 02-06-2020 Variety
Netflix And YouTube’s Share Of Daily Viewership To Drop As Field Grows (Study) 12-03-2019 Tubefilter
Baby Yodas don’t come cheap: The streaming wars will cost Disney, Netflix, and WarnerMedia $16 billion 11-26-2019 Recode
Netflix Internal Data Signals Users Aren’t Fleeing to Disney 11-23-2019 Bloomberg
Netflix Extends Lead in U.K. Amid Boom in Subscription Streaming Services 08-07-2019 Variety
Americans Want to Pay $21 for All Their Streaming Services Combined, Poll Finds 07-24-2019 The Hollywood Reporter
Netflix Again Blows Past HBO, Others as No. 1 Pick for ‘Best Original Programming,’ Survey Finds 05-20-2019 Variety
Netflix’s Cindy Holland Says Subscribers Watch an Average of Two Hours a Day 03-11-2019 Variety
‘Netflix Only’ Still the Top Streaming Service Portfolio in the U.S. 02-20-2019 Multichannel News
You'd happily share passwords for Netflix, HBO and more, despite risk 02-12-2019 CNET
Netflix usage surpassed cable and satellite TV for the first time in 2018 01-31-2019 BGR
Netflix Eats Up 15% of All Internet Downstream Traffic Worldwide (Study) 10-02-2018 Variety
As Netflix surges, original content is the new black. But licensed shows still take the crown 08-12-2018 LA Times
Netflix Is No. 1 Choice for TV Viewing, Beating Broadcast, Cable and YouTube (Study) 07-03-2018 Variety
Forecast: Netflix Could Grow To Nearly 90 Million Subs In 12 Years 06-27-2018 Mediapost
Survey reveals how Netflix freeloaders enjoy the site for free 06-20-2018 BGR
Netflix Widens Lead as Having ‘Best Original Programming,’ Beating HBO, Amazon, Hulu, Showtime on Survey 05-22-2018 Variety
Netflix Licensed Content Generates 80% of U.S. Viewing, Study Finds 04-12-2018 Variety
You can watch Netflix on any screen you want, but you’re probably watching it on a TV 03-07-2018 Recode
Netflix vs. cable: Subscribers are neck and neck now, says PwC 12-19-2017 Fast Company
Netflix Audience Older, Wealthier and Male 10-12-2017 Home Media
‘Narcos’ Is the Most Popular Show On Netflix 10-06-2017 Tubefilter
Nearly 50% of U.K. Internet Users Stream Netflix 09-19-2017 Home Media
Netflix’s ‘Marvel’s The Defenders’ Poised for Binge-Viewing Pop, Data Indicates 08-19-2017 Variety
Streaming TV apps grapple with password sharing 07-12-2017 Reuters
Netflix Data Reveals Viewers’ Distinct Genre Preferences at Different Times of Day 05-24-2017 Variety
Analyst: Amazon Besting Netflix in Original Movie Buzz, Revenue 05-15-2017 Home Media
Netflix reaches 75% of US streaming service viewers, but YouTube is catching up 04-10-2017 TechCrunch
Only 8% of college students don't have Netflix, and that's a great sign for the company's future 04-07-2017 Business Insider
Netflix’s Latest Streaming Record: Members Viewed 250 Million Hours of Video on a Single Day in January 03-16-2017 Variety
Netflix and Amazon strongly favored over local SVOD platforms in Germany and India, survey says 03-15-2017 Fierce Cable
Comcast Keeps Edge in Netflix’s ISP Speed Index 02-17-2017 Multichannel News
Comcast Tops Netflix ‘ISP Speed Index’ for December 01-09-2017 Multichannel News
Parks: One-Third of Broadband Homes Have Multiple OTT Video Services 12-29-2016 Home Media
More People Are Subscribing to Multiple Video Streaming Services 10-12-2016 Fortune
New Netflix Data Reveals When Viewers Commit to TV Shows 09-22-2016 WSJ
Netflix ‘Monetization Gap’: Streamer Earns Less Per Hour Viewed Than Most TV Networks, Study Finds 09-15-2016 Variety
Amazon Tops Netflix in Germany as VOD Booms 07-05-2016 The Hollywood Reporter
Study: Netflix’s $2 price increase could cost it almost 500,000 subscribers 06-20-2016 TNW
Netflix Knows Which Shows You’ll Binge-Watch the Fastest 06-08-2016 Time
Amazon Prime Video now has 4 times as many movies as Netflix 04-21-2016 Business Insider
Verizon Fios Tops Netflix ISP Speed Index for March 04-12-2016 Multichannel News
Netflix Growth Equals Midsize Cable Network 03-04-2016 Mediapost
6 Ways Netflix Viewing Habits Vary Around the World 02-24-2016 Adweek
IHS: Did Netflix Kill the Physical Video Market? 02-24-2016 Home Media Magazine
Study: Netflix Integration Good for Pay TV Biz 02-12-2016 Multichannel News
Netflix's Latest Growth Number Could Have a Downside 01-12-2016 Fortune
More than half of Americans now watch Netflix 11-20-2015 Quartz
Netflix Dominating SVOD Down Under 11-16-2015 Home Media Magazine
Netflix on Track to Add 10M European Subs by 2018 as It Grows to 100M Worldwide 10-26-2015 Home Media Magazine
Do the seasons affect SVOD as much as traditional television? 10-18-2015 nScreenMedia
Netflix and Amazon content spend to hit US$9bn 09-25-2015 Digital TV Europe
When Do Viewers Commit to TV Shows? Netflix Reveals Data 09-23-2015 WSJ
Summer-TV Watchers Abandon Cable Shows 08-17-2015 WSJ
Two-thirds of UK's Netflix and Amazon users don't watch their original shows 08-06-2015 Guardian
Netflix Quickly Becoming First Choice For Consumers 07-23-2015 Multichannel News
Netflix Preferred Over TV Nets Across Multiple Demos, Study Finds 07-16-2015 Variety
Password Sharing: Are Netflix, HBO Missing $500 Million by Not Cracking Down? 07-15-2015 Variety
Netflix/Pay TV Crossover Remains Stable: Study 07-08-2015 Multichannel News
Netflix, OTT Video Grab 45% of All U.S. TV Viewing in the First-Half of 2015 07-03-2015 Home Media Magazine
Netflix U.S. Viewing to Surpass ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC by 2016: Analysts 06-24-2015 Variety
Netflix Ratings Revealed: New Data Sheds Light on Original Series' Audience Levels 04-28-2015 Variety
Netflix Viewing Rises, Impacts Trad TV Trends 04-23-2015 Mediapost
Nielsen Charts Reach of Video Streaming 03-11-2015 NY Times
Cable TV Group Blames Subscription Web TV For Ratings Woes 03-10-2015 WSJ
`House of Cards` Season 3 Pirated, With China Top Country for Downloaders 03-01-2015 Variety
Nearly A Third Of Canadian Netflix Users Pretend To Be American 02-18-2015 TechCrunch
Netflix will spend $5 billion on programming in 2016, more than everyone but ESPN, says Janney 02-13-2015 Business Insider
Digital jobs help drive Hollywood employment to highest level in decade 02-10-2015 LA Times
WATCH OUT NETFLIX: People are now streaming more video on Amazon than Netflix 02-06-2015 Business Insider
Netflix Far Outstrips Rivals on Hours Viewed, Satisfaction: Survey 01-16-2015 Variety
Deloitte Puts Reality Check on SVOD 01-13-2015 Home Media Magazine
76% of US Households Have a DVR, Netflix, or Use On-Demand 01-02-2015 Press Release
CBS Offers Up Netflix Ratings Because Netflix Won’t 12-08-2014 Bloomberg
New PwC Report Casts Doubt Over Cable`s Future 12-10-2014 WSJ
Analyst: Netflix Will Top 17 Million International Subscribers This Year 12-02-2014 The Hollywood Reporter
Netflix U.S. Viewership of Original Series Surges in Q3: Study 11-26-2014 Variety
TV’s Eyeballs Are Disappearing. Does Netflix Have Them? 10-31-2014 Recode
Netflix ISP Speed Index for September 10-13-2014 Netflix blog
Netflix Takes Big Chunk of Viewing but May Not Hurt Ad-Supported TV 09-25-2014 AdAge
Vast Majority of Top Films, TV Shows Are Available Legally Online: Study 09-24-2014 Variety
Canadians Like Netflix, CEO Hastings Loves Europe 09-22-2014 Home Media Magazine
Multiple Household SVOD Subs Rise 08-22-2014 Home Media Magazine
Netflix Says U.S. Bandwidth Speeds Trail Most Other Countries It Tracks 08-11-2014 Variety
Research: OTT Video Market to Reach $10.7 Billion This Year 08-07-2014 Home Media Magazine
Netflix Originals Watched by Fewer Than Half of Subs, Study Finds 08-07-2014 Variety
Netflix Faces Uphill Battle in Germany 06-06-2014 The Hollywood Reporter
Netflix Remains King of Bandwidth Usage, While YouTube Declines 05-14-2014 Variety
NPD: Connected-TV Users Love Apps 04-21-2014 Home Media Magazine
Netflix Gaining U.K. Market Share at Amazon Prime`s Expense 04-17-2014 Home Media Magazine
Amazon Triples Streaming Traffic Over Past Year, Passes Hulu And Apple 04-08-2014 Tubefilter
Here`s How The Comcast & Netflix Deal Is Structured, With Data & Numbers 02-27-2014
Netflix Is Chasing HBO, but It`s Already Passed Plenty of Big Cable Guys 02-26-2014 Recode
`House of Cards` Binge-Watching: 2% of U.S. Subs Finished Entire Series Over First Weekend 02-20-2014 Variety
Informa: Netflix facing rights competition as rivals step up 02-18-2014 Digital TV Europe
Netflix Traffic Surged During Debut Of `House Of Cards` Season 2 02-16-2014 Multichannel News
I Like to Binge-Watch 02-13-2014 Slate
Netflix ISP rankings show Verizon and Comcast speeds falling 02-10-2014 GigaOm
Sochi Games Having Minimal Effect On Netflix Traffic: Procera Study 02-10-2014 Multichannel News
Showtime, HBO, Starz blast NPD study that says they lost subscribers 01-21-2014 LA Times
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