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NPD: 57% of Smartphone Users Stream Video 11-01-2017 Home Media
NPD: Web Households With Connected Televisions Increase 03-07-2016 Home Media Magazine
Millennials Driving Changes in Entertainment Consumption, LAES Speakers Say 07-09-2015 Home Media Magazine
OTT Video: It's a Man's World 04-13-2015 Home Media Magazine
NPD: Connected TV Ownership Tops Blu-ray Disc Players 03-02-2015 Home Media Magazine
NPD: Streaming Device Household Penetration to Reach 40% by 2017 01-26-2015 Home Media Magazine
UltraViolet Makes TV Connection 05-21-2014 Multichannel News
Study: 21% Of Pay-TV Subs Use TV Everywhere Monthly 05-07-2014 Multichannel News
NPD: Connected-TV Users Love Apps 04-21-2014 Home Media Magazine
Showtime, HBO, Starz blast NPD study that says they lost subscribers 01-21-2014 LA Times
Media Devices Hit 140 Million, Smart TVs Push Increase 12-20-2013 Online Media Daily
NPD: 200+ Million Connected TVs, Media Devices in U.S. Homes by 2015 12-18-2013 Home Media Magazine
NPD: 25% of Consumers Stream Movies, TV Shows in the Home 12-16-2013 Home Media Magazine
NPD: More Streaming Than Disc Renting 11-25-2013 Home Media Magazine
NPD: Bigger Smartphones Use More Data 11-18-2013 Home Media Magazine
NPD: Consumers Satisfied with UltraViolet 10-29-2013 Home Media Magazine
NPD: Emerging Markets More Interested in Smart TV 08-29-2013 Home Media Magazine
Viewers Use Tablets, Smartphones With - Or Instead Of - TV Sets 07-24-2013 Online Media Daily
Netflix Sees Surge In Tablet Viewing 05-15-2013 Online Media Daily
Most Entertainment Hardware in Homes Not Connected to Internet 05-01-2013 Variety
NPD: iTunes Dominates Movie, TV Show Sellthrough 04-23-2013 Home Media Magazine
NPD: Game Consoles No. 1 Link Connecting TVs to the Internet 04-08-2013 Home Media Magazine
Few Viewers Use Second-Screen Apps While Watching TV 04-09-2013 Online Media Daily
Cable Companies Still Whistling Past The Cord-Cutting Graveyard 03-27-2013 ReadWrite
NPD: Free Streaming on Par With SVOD 02-04-2013 Home Media Magazine
NPD: Disc, Not Digital, Drives Home Entertainment Revenue 01-30-2013 Home Media Magazine
NPD: 40% of Connected-TV Owners Stream Netflix 01-22-2013 Home Media Magazine
NPD: Nearly 13 Million Blu-ray Players Connected to the Internet 01-02-2013 Home Media Magazine
Are smart TV`s too clever for their own good? 12-28-2012 Mail Online
NPD: 75% of SVOD Subscribers Will Continue Using 12-19-2012 Home Media Magazine
NPD: Smart TV shipments up 15 percent in 2012 10-17-2012 Electronista
NPD: Video Consumption a Low Priority for Smartphone Users 10-16-2012 Home Media Magazine
TVs Overtake PCs as the Primary Screen for Home Viewing of Online Video 09-26-2012 Press Release
NPD: Cable Still Dominating VOD 09-24-2012 Home Media Magazine
NPD: On Qwikster Anniversary, Consumers Return to Netflix Watching Fewer Movies 09-17-2012 Home Media Magazine
Online viewing on smart TVs grows to 18% 08-24-2012 Broadband TV News
NPD: 80% of Connected Blu-ray Players Stream Content 06-20-2012 Home Media Magazine
The cable industry isn`t stupid, right? 04-10-2012 GigaOm
The NPD Group: Average Monthly Pay-TV Subscription Bills May Top $200 by 2020 04-10-2012 Press Release
100 million TVs will be Internet-connected by 2016 03-20-2012 LA Times
NPD: Pay-TV Transactional VOD Declines 12% 02-16-2012 Home Media Magazine
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