News for 'Video Sharing'

Title Date Source
CRAZY STATS: 700 YouTube Videos Shared Every Minute on Twitter 05-09-2012 Tubefilter News
Doritos` Latest Super Bowl Ad Contest Storms Viral Video Chart 01-13-2012 AdAge
Apple Passes 15 Million Views for iPhone 4S Videos 10-21-2011 AdAge
When It Comes to Viral Video, DC Shoes Leaves Scorched Earth Under Its Treads 08-25-2011 AdAge
71% of online adults now use video-sharing sites 07-26-2011 Pew
Why So Few TV Ads Are Viral Hits 03-19-2010 AdWeek
Sexy Pilgrim Trumps Tillman for Thanksgiving Week`s Top Viral Video 12-03-2009 AdAge
Online Video Embeds: It`s All About YouTube 11-05-2009 ReadWriteWeb
Microsoft Finds Viral-Video Success - Twice 09-11-2009 AdAge
Study: A Third Of All Online Videos Are Shared 08-06-2009 Online Media Daily
Study: Social Networks Drive Video Views 02-12-2009 Online Media Daily
Viral Video Still Popular, Despite Lack Of Benchmark 10-14-2008 Online Media Daily
In Viral Video Race, Bolt Beats Phelps 08-28-2008 TV Week
Study: Advertisers Must Approach Video `Super Sharers` With Care 08-25-2008 Online Media Daily
YouTube`s Dominance Of Web Video Grows 06-27-2008 Information Week
Stickam Top Online Video Site For Teens: Nielsen 06-10-2008 Online Media Daily
Study: Pirated Web Video Peaks 12-18 Hours After Broadcast 04-14-2008 Multichannel News
NBC: Snacking doesn’t ruin online viewers’ appetites 01-24-2008 Content Agenda
YouTube Audience Grew 9% in December 01-16-2008 TV Week
Americans turn to online videos 01-11-2008 BBC
Video Sites Take Hit From Network TV Sites 10-18-2007 TV Week
How to Use YouTube to Generate Leads: 7 Video Posting Strategies & Tagging Tips 10-08-2007 Marketing Sherpa
Viewers Prefer Professional Videos, So Sites Aim to Help Creators Improve 10-08-2007 TV Week
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