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Title Date Source
Nielsen: 65% of TV Viewers Watch VOD Programing 03-23-2016 Home Media Magazine
81% of U.S. Homes Have DVR, Netflix or Use VOD 02-05-2016 Multichannel News
Pay VOD Up Slightly For Traditional TV Providers 06-18-2015 Mediapost
76% of US Households Have a DVR, Netflix, or Use On-Demand 01-02-2015 Press Release
Non-Linear Video Keeps Lead Over Linear TV In Broadband Homes 10-24-2014 Multichannel News
Study: TV, Video Spending to Stay Flat 07-01-2014 Home Media Magazine
Global Study: People Prefer Watching Live TV, But VOD, Streaming Gaining 04-16-2014 Home Media Magazine
Comcast CEO: VOD Transactions Up 20% 03-11-2014 Home Media Magazine
VOD market to be worth $45.25 Billion by 2018 12-19-2013 IP&TV News
Report: Streaming, VOD Impacting Future of TV 12-17-2013 Home Media Magazine
More Ads Seen By VOD Viewers Than DVR Or Live TV 12-18-2013 MediaDailyNews
Study: Low Consumer Interest in Transactional VOD 12-02-2013 Home Media Magazine
Online Video Trumps Cable VoD 11-06-2013 Light Reading
As DVRs Shift TV Habits, Ratings Calculations Follow 10-07-2013 NY Times
Video on demand reaches 60% of TV homes, Nielsen finds 09-09-2013 LA Times
Rentrak: On Demand TV Viewing Increased 40% in 2012 04-17-2013 Home Media Magazine
Comcast: 2.4 Billion VOD Hours Served in 2012 03-07-2013 Multichannel News
Comcast, TWC Lose VOD Movie-Rental Share 03-04-2013 Multichannel News
NPD: Cable Still Dominating VOD 09-24-2012 Home Media Magazine
NPD: Pay-TV Transactional VOD Declines 12% 02-16-2012 Home Media Magazine
Rentrak: Nearly 75% of VOD Content Free 05-09-2011 Home Media Magazine
PWC Study: More TV Now Viewed On Computer Than TV 03-08-2011 B&C
Report: VOD Awareness, Use Low 02-15-2011 Home Media Magazine
Premium VOD Is Doomed If This Piracy Study Is Correct 02-15-2011 Paid Content
Report: VOD, Streaming to Hurt Rental Kiosks 12-14-2010 Home Media Magazine
Ad-Supported VOD Drives Viewer Loyalty: Survey 12-06-2010 Multichannel News
Avail-TVN: `The Hangover` Most-Watched VOD Film Of All Time 06-09-2010 Multichannel News
Magna: DVRs In 44% By 2015 01-18-2010 MediaDailyNews
Online Video Seen as Biggest Threat to On-Demand Business, Report Says 04-06-2009 TV Week
Consumers watch VOD more, visit theaters less 12-18-2008 Video Business
Consumers Slow To Embrace IPTV Content: Study 06-27-2008 Multichannel News
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