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Netflix Remains King of Bandwidth Usage, While YouTube Declines 05-14-2014 Variety
Viewing Habits Show Traditional TV Networks Still Reign Supreme 04-29-2014 Adweek
Netflix Gaining U.K. Market Share at Amazon Prime`s Expense 04-17-2014 Home Media Magazine
Amazon Triples Streaming Traffic Over Past Year, Passes Hulu And Apple 04-08-2014 Tubefilter
Here`s How The Comcast & Netflix Deal Is Structured, With Data & Numbers 02-27-2014
Netflix Is Chasing HBO, but It`s Already Passed Plenty of Big Cable Guys 02-26-2014 Recode
Millennials Love YouTube, More Than Facebook, Unless Brands Are Involved 02-25-2014 VideoInk
Informa: Netflix facing rights competition as rivals step up 02-18-2014 Digital TV Europe
Netflix Traffic Surged During Debut Of `House Of Cards` Season 2 02-16-2014 Multichannel News
I Like to Binge-Watch 02-13-2014 Slate
Netflix ISP rankings show Verizon and Comcast speeds falling 02-10-2014 GigaOm
Sochi Games Having Minimal Effect On Netflix Traffic: Procera Study 02-10-2014 Multichannel News
Showtime, HBO, Starz blast NPD study that says they lost subscribers 01-21-2014 LA Times
As Netflix Rises, More People Are Canceling HBO and Showtime 01-20-2014 Variety
NPD: 25% of Consumers Stream Movies, TV Shows in the Home 12-16-2013 Home Media Magazine
Amazon Prime Near 17 Million Subscribers 12-09-2013 Home Media Magazine
NPD: More Streaming Than Disc Renting 11-25-2013 Home Media Magazine
TDG: Consumers Report Sizeable Advances in Over-The-Top TV Viewing 11-25-2013 AppMarket.TV
HBO`s no-cable experiment goes nowhere: Netflix handily beats HBO Nordic in Sweden 11-20-2013 GigaOm
Netflix + YouTube = Half Your Broadband Diet 11-11-2013 AllThingsD
Wedbush: Nearly 80% of Netflix Subs Oppose Price Hike 10-21-2013 Home Media Magazine
Furloughed Workers Binged On Netflix During Government Shutdown, Report Suggests 10-18-2013 Huffington Post
TDG: Netflix Facing Maturity Challenges 10-10-2013 Home Media Magazine
Study: Chromecast allows users to circumvent TV viewing restrictions 10-02-2013 LA Times
Research: Netflix Streaming Will Double By 2018 09-17-2013 Home Media Magazine
Analyst: Netflix Could Exceed 40 Million Streaming Subscribers By 2015 09-16-2013 The Hollywood Reporter
Top TV Shows On YouTube Average 8 Million Monthly Views 09-10-2013 Tubefilter News
Report: Netflix Reaches 1.5 Million Subs in U.K. 08-21-2013 Home Media Magazine
Majority Of Non-Pay TV Subs Don`t Subscribe to OTT: Survey 08-08-2013 Multichannel News
Survey: SVOD Users Prefer TV Shows to Movies 07-19-2013 Home Media Magazine
Netflix Sees Surge In Tablet Viewing 05-15-2013 Online Media Daily
Netflix Still King of the Downstream: Study 05-14-2013 Multichannel News
YouTube`s Top 500 Brands Pushing Creativity, Bite-Sized Videos 04-23-2013 Tubefilter News
OTT Video Market Forecast To Hit $20B By 2015 04-11-2013 Online Media Daily
Is Netflix Now the Most Watched `Cable Network` on Television? 87 Minutes Per Household Per Day 04-11-2013 BTIG (reg. req'd)
Why Netflix Viewing Isn`t Comparable to Cablers 04-11-2013 Variety
Study: A Third of Netflix Subs Have Watched `House of Cards` 04-08-2013 Home Media Magazine
As Early Adopters Grow Up, Will YouTube`s Audience Age In Place? 04-02-2013 Tubefilter News
Analyst Ups Netflix-Nickelodeon Debate 03-26-2013 Home Media Magazine
Fitch: Shortened SVOD Window Will Not Accelerate `Cord Cutting` 03-20-2013 Home Media Magazine
YouTube Hits a Billion Monthly Users 03-20-2013 YouTube blog
10 Insights from Studies of Binge Watchers 03-08-2013 Variety
Survey Says: 10% Of Netflix Subscribers Have Streamed House Of Cards, Watching 6 Episodes On Average 02-19-2013 TechCrunch
Who`s Watching `House of Cards`? (And Why It Really Matters) 02-06-2013 The Wrap
YouTube`s quiet evolution into the heart of Google 01-23-2013 GigaOm
Google: Psy`s `Gangnam Style` has earned $8 million on YouTube alone 01-23-2013 Quartz
Nearly half of iPhone users use YouTube`s app, report says 01-23-2013 CNET -
NPD: 40% of Connected-TV Owners Stream Netflix 01-22-2013 Home Media Magazine
The World Now Watches 4 Billion Hours of YouTube Per Month 01-22-2013 Tubefilter News
NPD: 75% of SVOD Subscribers Will Continue Using 12-19-2012 Home Media Magazine