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  • Collective's New Playbook Offers Multi-Screen Advertising Lessons

    There's been a lot written about how challenging it has become for brand advertisers to reach audiences effectively given the splintering of attention across screens. No longer is it sufficient to simply buy TV ads and expect to reach all targets; online and mobile must be added as complimentary channels.

    This isn't easy, but as a new report released yesterday by Collective, "The Multi-Screen Advertising Playbook," shows, it is possible. Sharing results from a series of its clients' multi-platform campaigns, Collective provides specific details on how online campaigns augment TV buys to achieve marketing objectives.

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  • New Collective Report Analyzes Video Usage to Deliver 6 CPG Buyer Profiles

    Collective has released its Video Metrics Report 2012, delivering 6 profiles of online video viewers who are female and heavy buyers of certain types of consumer packaged goods. The 6 profiles are for buyers of diet foods, organic products, beauty products, household products, baby care products and carbonated beverages. For each profile, Collective shares index figures for age, income, occupation, product preferences and TV consumption. Collective also offers marketers specific tips for how to reach these 6 profile groups with online video advertising.

    Collective generated the profiles by analyzing hundreds of millions of video impressions along with its Audience Cloud profile database and Personifi purchaser data. The insights are valuable for brands that are seeking to reach certain types of potential buyers using online video advertising, in conjunction with TV ads.

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