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  • Research: Over Half of Pay-TV Subscribers Used TV Everywhere in Past 6 Months

    TV Everywhere (TVE) continues to gain adoption, with research released late last week by Hub Entertainment Research and industry trade group CTAM revealing that 56% of pay-TV subscribers watched TVE content in the past 6 months with 51% saying they watched in the past month. According to CTAM, all of the top pay-TV operators, 400 smaller independent cable operators and 100+ networks now deliver TVE content.

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  • TV Everywhere Usage Remains Hard to Pin Down

    TV Everywhere is the great hope of the pay-TV industry to combat viewers from defecting to OTT. But pinning down actual TVE usage remains murky at best.

    For example in its Q4 2015 Digital Video Benchmark released last week, Adobe found that 17.4% of pay-TV viewers used TV Everywhere at least once per month. That was the highest level of TVE usage Adobe has found, rising above the 13%-14% range of usage over the past 4 quarters.

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  • VideoNuze Report Podcast #107 - CTAM/Nielsen Research - Aug 5, 2011

    Daisy Whitney and I are pleased to present the 107th edition of the VideoNuze Report podcast, for August 5, 2011.

    In this week's podcast, Daisy and I discuss research released earlier this week by CTAM and Nielsen which found, among other things, that 85% of video app users are watching the same or more regularly scheduled TV. In addition, the research found that around 75% of video app usage on mobile devices actually occurs in the home. Daisy and I talk about the implications of the research, and additional data points we've seen that reinforce its conclusions.

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  • 85% of Video App Users Watching Same or More Scheduled TV: Study

    For those fearing that video consumption through mobile and connected devices threatens to disrupt traditional linear TV viewership, a new study suggests it's not happening en masse, at least not yet. The study, fielded by Nielsen and the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM) indicates that 85% of video app users are watching the same or more regularly scheduled TV. There's no trend data however, so it's not clear how the amount compares to a year or two ago.

    Further good news is that video apps appear to be adding value to TV programs and TV networks. As the below graphic shows, 46% of video app users report more engagement with the program/network, 35% report more visits to the program/network web site, and 37% report watching more associated programs or networks.

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