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  • Research: Viewers Manage Spending With Password Sharing and Ad Tolerance

    These days there’s no shortage of SVOD services to choose from, with each one seeing to grab a slice of viewers’ monthly spending. And with cord-cutting on the rise, undoubtedly there IS some spending freeing up as viewers cancel their pricey pay-TV services.

    But two major industry trends should keep SVOD providers from being overly optimistic about replicating anything close to Netflix’s ad-free hockey stick subscriber growth over the past decade: first, the prevalence of password sharing and second, a tolerance for advertising related to “subscription fatigue” that the proliferation of SVOD services is engendering. New data released this week by Hub Entertainment Research and The Trade Desk underscores the extent of both.

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  • Research: 63% of Viewers Say Their Favorite Show Comes From An Online Source

    A new survey from Hub Entertainment Research found that 63% of respondents identified “online” as the main source of their favorite TV show, vs. 35% who said it is their pay-TV set-top box. The 28 point gap is a big jump from the 2018 survey which found a 56%-44% divide in favor of online.

    No surprise, within online, Netflix is by far the number one source of respondents’ favorite shows. Netflix was identified  by 34% of respondents, followed by 10% for Amazon Prime Video, 8% for Hulu and 4% for “other online.”

    Hub didn’t provide an age breakout for any of the above data, but a separate study released today by Common Sense Media found that for 8-12 year olds, YouTube is by far the most used video service (53%), with Netflix next (27%) and YouTube Kids (7%), Amazon Prime Video (3%) and Hulu (2%) following. An interesting article in today’s WSJ helps explain the appeal of YouTube to teens.

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  • Research: 52% of Viewers Now Watch Their Favorite Show From An Online Source

    Yet another sign of how the times are changing: the new “Conquering Content” report from Hub Research finds that 52% of viewers now watch their favorite TV show from an online source rather than via a pay-TV set-top box (either live TV, VOD or DVR). Online sources include SVOD services, a TV network or pay-TV app/web site or services like iTunes.

    While 48% of viewers still cited their set-top box for how they watch their favorite show, that was down from 64% in 2014. Online sources as the primary way to view is up from 31% in 2014.

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  • Research: Over Half of Pay-TV Subscribers Used TV Everywhere in Past 6 Months

    TV Everywhere (TVE) continues to gain adoption, with research released late last week by Hub Entertainment Research and industry trade group CTAM revealing that 56% of pay-TV subscribers watched TVE content in the past 6 months with 51% saying they watched in the past month. According to CTAM, all of the top pay-TV operators, 400 smaller independent cable operators and 100+ networks now deliver TVE content.

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  • Study: 82% of Heavy TV Everywhere Users Believe Pay-TV is a Strong Value

    New research validates the key assumption that TV Everywhere adds critical value to the increasingly expensive pay-TV subscription. In a survey, HUB Research has found that 82% of heavy TVE users rate pay-TV a "good" or "excellent" value vs. 52% for light TVE users, and just 48% for non-TVE users.  

    That's encouraging news for the pay-TV ecosystem, however, just 16% of subscribers are actually heavy users, using TVE several times per week or every day). Importantly though, 30% of millennials identify themselves as heavy users. Clearly a key industry challenge is to raise TVE awareness and usage.

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