• Vindico: Interactive Video Ad Impressions Up 77% From A Year Ago

    According to data from ad management platform company Vindico, interactive video ad impressions are up 77% from a year ago. It also found that on average, brands can expect a nearly 3x engagement lift when utilizing interactive ads vs. repurposed TV ads.


    For example, video ads that take over most of the video screen, called “curtain ads” drive a 627% engagement lift compared to repurposed TV ads. Meanwhile, branded canvas ads which incorporate animated elements in the background of the screen alongside the video, can deliver a 300% engagement lift.

    Vindico believes it delivers about 30%-40% of the industry’s digital video ads, continued to uncover significant viewability issues. In the last quarter of 2013 it found that almost 60% of interactive video ads cannot be seen by viewers, mirroring the rate for standard video ads.
    Vindico’s digital video ad viewability and verification tool Adtricity measures the quality of video ads by evaluating over 100 metrics including player size, performance and ad placement.

    The data comes from Vindico’s 2013 “The State of Interactive Video Advertising” report compiled from aggregated data from Vindico-served campaigns.

    The full report is available here.

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