• VideoNuze Report Podcast #115 - Video Viewing Goes Multiplatform

    I'm pleased to be joined once again by Colin Dixon, senior partner at The Diffusion Group, for the 115th edition of the VideoNuze Report podcast, for Jan. 6, 2012. In today's podcast Colin and I discuss several new data points around multi-platform video adoption. Colin cites a U.K. report that says 36% of people are watching TV via a PC, laptop or tablet device and discusses the impactions of changing viewer behaviors, just latest in a string of research showing changing viewing patterns.

    Also this week Netflix released data indicating that its subscribers streamed 2 billion hours of TV shows and movies in Q4 '11. As I wrote, that equals approximately 33 hours/mo/subscriber, which is far higher than any other online video source. Because of its leading library of long-form streaming content, Netflix is the prime beneficiary of shifting behaviors. These themes will gain huge visibility next week at CES when connected TVs are in the spotlight. Listen in to learn more!

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