• Videology: Use of TV Audience Data to Target Video Ads Up 114%

    With audiences shifting seamlessly between screens, evidence that TV advertising and online video advertising are also converging is mounting. The latest is from Videology, which has released its Q4 ’15 U.S. Video Market At-A-Glance report, finding, among other things that online video campaigns using TV audience data for targeting increased by 114% year-over-year.

    The top segment used was advertisers’ current TV advertising schedules, followed by sports viewers, political show viewers, competitors’ TV schedule and daytime viewers.

    The key takeaway is that advertisers are learning to use TV data to inform their video buys so that the impact of their total spend is magnified. Rather than looking at TV and video as mutually exclusive, savvy advertisers are seeing how they can complement each other. Videology has been on the leading edge of enabling this, by integrating Nielsen TV data nearly 2 years ago.

    Videology also found that, amid all the focus on viewability, the viewable rate metric has significantly gained in importance. Viewable rate was the most popular campaign objective for 56% of campaigns, second only to view through rate. Viewable rate increased from just 20% in Q1 ’15.

    Overall, more than 80% of campaigns were cross-screen, an increase of over 50% in the past year. Mobile in particular was a big winner, with campaigns tapping into mobile up by 7x in the past year. Consumer goods was the top vertical using online video advertising, with a 35% share, followed by restaurants (11%) and auto (10%).

    An infographic with key highlights is available here.

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