• Total Video Viewership Down Slightly in April; YouTube Share Jumps

    comScore has released its new online video rankings for April '10 which show total videos viewed of 30.3 billion, down almost 3% from the prior month's 31.2 billion. As a result, YouTube, which was roughly flat in April at 13.1 billion videos, saw its market share increase to 43.5%, its highest level since July '08. It was also YouTube's second highest share since I started tracking the comScore numbers in Jan '07 (when YouTube had a relatively paltry 16.2% market).

    The 3% decrease in total videos from March '10 to April '10, compares with a 5% decrease from March '08 to April '08 and a 16% increase from March '09 to April '10. While it's hard to discern any trends around these 3 year numbers, one thing worth noting is that over the last 6 months, with the exception of blips up in Dec '09 and Jan '10, total video views have stayed relatively stable right around 30 billion. I'm not sure exactly what to conclude from that, but I'll certainly be watching the coming months to see if viewership is flat-lining or just taking a breather.

    Elsewhere, Hulu's video views in April dropped back to 958 million, down from its record March when it recorded 1.070 billion views. Hulu continued to hover right around 6 minutes per video viewed, consistent with the last 12 months. Its 38.7 million unique visitors were off by 3.3% from March, and were a continuation of Hulu's pattern of staying right around 40 million uniques per month (Hulu has never been above 45 million monthly uniques according to comScore).

    The big winner in April was the music video site VEVO, which increased its unique viewers by 16% to 43.6 million, making it the 4th most popular video site after YouTube, Yahoo and Fox Interactive Media.

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