• Top 10 Super Bowl Ads Gain A Quick $1 Million In Online Video Exposure

    New research is out this morning showing how Super Bowl advertisers benefit from ongoing online video viewership. Kantar Video, an online video analytics provider, estimates that the top 10 Super Bowl ads generated an additional $1 million worth of media exposure in just the first 3 days after the game, with Volkswagen's top-performing "The Force" ad, gaining almost $540K itself. Note "The Force" has already picked up an incredible 27 million YouTube views (see below).

    Kantar also found that movie trailer ads performed the best online, automotive ads had the most online social activity, funny ads were twice as effective at driving viral viewing, and that the most popular ads were uploaded dozens of individual times, helping drive attention higher. This type of data, plus others like it showing the effectiveness of online video should have brands focusing more and more on this value going forward.