• Taboola's Video Recommendation Widget Reaching Over 64 Million U.S. Unique Users Per Month

    Taboola's video recommendation widget is now placed on pages of content publisher web sites reaching over 64 million U.S. unique users per month, according to Quantcast data. Adam Singolda, Taboola's CEO explained that the 64 million amount means Taboola's exposure is ahead of the uniques at popular sites like Bing, Pandora and CNET, and just behind Twitter, Wikipedia and Amazon, again, according to Quantcast data (see chart below).

    Admittedly, it's a little bit of an apples vs. oranges comparison, because the other sites are destinations, whereas Taboola's model is to place its widget (which typically contains 4-5 thumbnail images of recommended videos) on the sites of 3rd-party content publishers, such as NY Times, Bloomberg, USAToday and others. Still, the 64 million means that Taboola's video recommendations widget is clearly being accepted by more publishers, who are implementing it on more well-trafficked pages of their sites.

    Taboola's widget can provide recommendations of the content providers' own videos and/or those of other providers. Results are based on Taboola's "EngageRank" analysis of the user's behaviors (with both video and text content) plus the video's individual characteristics. In the past Adam has told me that in side-by-side testing with alternative recommendation approaches, Taboola has achieved 250% higher views. Video discovery and recommendations are a critical part of the ecosystem since number of views directly translates into higher monetization. As Taboola's distribution success is showing, solutions that work are in strong demand.

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