• Survey Highlights “Buffer Rage” As Pain Point For Online Video Viewers

    Video analytics provider IneoQuest has released results of a new survey of 1,000 online viewers quantifying “Buffer Rage,” a lighthearted reference to the frustration many users feel when online video doesn’t seamlessly playback.

    IneoQuest found that 51% of viewers surveyed have experienced Buffer Rage, with buffering occurring one out of every three videos watched (cited by 34% of respondents) and one out of every five video watched (cited by 24% of respondents).

    Buffering is most acute on mobile devices, with 58% of respondents saying they feel the most Buffer Rage when trying to access video on a mobile device. Buffering during live sports is the most frustrating, cited by 23% of respondents. 66% of respondents said mid-roll buffering is the most frustrating, though is only occurs 31% of the time vs. it happening 34% of the time in the first 15 seconds.

    No surprise, the main consequence of buffering is abandonment. The survey found that over 40% of respondents will wait 10 seconds or less for a video to play before moving on. If the video doesn’t play, less than 40% will ever try again. 55% of those experiencing buffering blame their ISP or Internet connection for the problem.

    Clearly buffering remains a very serious industry issue. Not only does it impact viewer satisfaction, but it directly correlates with lost revenue when ads aren’t seen, or higher churn on SVOD services result. I probably watch as much video as anyone (an occupational hazard, I know!) and I’d estimate I have some type of buffering at least half the time I watch, though it’s nearly always at the beginning.

    For online video to be fully embrace as a longer-form, living room experience, comparable to TV, buffering must be fully addressed.

    IneoQuest also created a nice infographic capturing all of the data, which can be accessed here.

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