• Survey: Consumers Eager for Branded Videos, But Marketers Reluctant

    Here's further evidence of video's rising importance for marketers seeking to build relationships with consumers: a survey of 1,000 American consumers and 500 marketers by Levels Beyond, a video content management provider, found that 59% of consumers are likely to watch a brand video when they visit a web site and 40% prefer watching a video vs. reading the same information. For millennials, 51% prefer watching a video to reading content.

    As far as the types of video consumers like, 67% chose "how-to or instructional," followed by "comedy or spoofs" (42%), "product/informational" (34%), "micro-documentaries" (33%) and "animations/infographic videos" (30%).

    The survey found that the best way to drive viewership of branded videos is though social channels, with 61% of respondents more likely to watch videos that friends have shared and 38% believing a video is worth watching when it's trending on social sites. However, social sharing is mainly a millennial phenomenon, with over 25% expressing interest compared to just 11% among those over 45.

    Despite consumers' enthusiasm and the survey's finding that 71% of marketers believe brands should produce more video content, 40% said their brands rarely use video and 47% said they don't plan to increase their video production in 2014 beyond 15 and 30-second paid ads. Fully 75% of marketers said that producing and delivering video for consumers is not a top priority. Marketers also seem to be ignoring the social sharing opportunity, with 75% saying they rarely or never produce videos for their social followers.

    Just yesterday I wrote about the enormous success that Nike had with its World Cup branded videos, which were viewed 259 million times in the second quarter. Another great branded video example was General Motors' 30-minute live ad on AOL On last week. Yet another example is how Target is leveraging YouTube starts for its back-to-school campaign. Many other brands are also recognizing the opportunity branded video represents to augment their 15 and 30-second ads.

    But as the Levels Beyond research shows, it is still very early days for brands in understanding and harnessing the power of branded video. No doubt as more successes emerge, momentum will build.

    The full report is available for download here.