• Survey: 75% of Advertisers Running Multi-Screen Campaigns

    A new survey by rich media ad provider Jivox has found that 75% of advertisers are running multi-screen ad campaigns, with 83% of the remainder planning to do so in 2014. The top reason for not currently running multi-screen campaigns, cited by 51% of respondents, was lack of technology. The survey included 130 executives at leading ad agencies.

    Two-thirds of respondents said they plan to invest more in multi-screen campaigns this year than in previous years, with 91% saying they intend to spend more on mobile advertising. 87% of respondents said that campaign results are better when running multi-screen vs. single screen. The most important benefit of multi-screen advertising that was cited was "extending reach of campaign" (40%), followed by "providing a more personalized experience" (30%).

    Insights are the key challenge with multi-screen advertising, with 62% of advertisers saying they don't get an appropriate level of insights needed for their campaigns. Audience tracking was cited by one-third of respondents as the top area of concern.

    The survey referenced both pre-rolls and rich media formats and was conducted in the Q2 '14. The full report can be accessed here.

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