• Survey: 60% of Marketers Using Video in Email

    The Web Video Marketing Council (WVMC) has released its 3rd annual report on online video marketing showing that 93% of respondents are using online video for marketing, up from 84% in 2012. Also, 71% said they are increasing their budgets in 2013. The report surveyed over 600 marketing professionals about their use of online video in mostly B2B and some B2C organizations.

    One of the more interesting findings was that 60% of marketers are using online video on e-mails, an increase of 8% from 2012. About 82% said that integrating video with email marketing was either “effective” or “very effective” and has had a positive impact on sales and marketing.

    Wayne Wall, CEO of Flimp Media, one of the survey partners and a video marketing provider, said that video email marketing is typically much more engaging than plain email. “There’s also a lot more to track with video email,” he said. “There’s time spent watching the video, where they stop watching, what calls to action were clicked on and many more.”  Wall said that the key thing for video email is to have a call to action, whether it’s lead generation, sales or something else. In terms of conversion, the report found that 60% of respondents said that prospects are more likely to make a purchase and convert a sale after viewing an email message that incorporated video.

    In 2012, 88% of respondents said that video email marketing was effective, which translates to a decrease of 6% from a year ago.  Wall said that this decline is normal because the novelty of video email marketing diminishes over time, which means lower user engagement.  The challenge is to keep up the level of engagement via other means. Flimp Media has a video postcard solution which lets clients create a more effective video that has more engagement points and even allows viewers to share the content with others easily.  

    Most respondents said that the best way to use video for email marketing is to create a link in the email to a video landing page or on a website (51%), while 24% said that they chose to link to a standalone video player. In terms of promoting or sharing marketing videos, Facebook was the most popular social media site with 87% of respondents said that they post videos there, with 70% posting on Twitter and 57% posting on LinkedIn. Additionally, a huge majority of users, 94%, were hosting videos on YouTube with only 51.1% using Vimeo, and all others reaching less than 11%. 

    The Web Video Marketing Council teamed up with survey partners ReelSEO and Flimp Media to conduct the survey in Q2 and Q2 of 2013. The survey consisted of 22 questions to identify trends in online video production, usage and distribution for marketing purposes. Overall, the organization concludes that video has become an important and effective tool for many marketers. The report is available for download here.

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