• Survey: 60% of Brands' Video Ad Spending Allocated to Programmatic

    In another sign of programmatic video advertising's rising popularity among brand advertisers, Adap.tv's newly released 2014 State of the Video Industry report has found that 60% of brands' video ad spending is now allocated to programmatic channels. That compares with 44% for ad networks and 38% for agencies and trading desks.

    However, when it comes to premium video, brands said just 23% of ad spending was done programmatically, reflecting how important publisher direct sales remains for the most coveted ad inventory. In fact, 51% of publishers said they're making premium ad inventory available for sale programmatically, up just slightly from 49% in 2013. Still, private marketplaces continue to gain, with 32% of publishers running one in 2014, up from 20% in 2013.


    Overall, video ad buyers are planning to fund video ad spending from existing channels, rather than increasing budgets. The top existing channels they cited as intending to tap include display (47%), broadcast TV (40%), cable TV (35%) and print (26%).

    Brand buyers are also leaders in using programmatic for traditional TV transactions, with 43% reporting they use automated or data-driven processes for traditional TV, compared to 24% for agencies/trading desks and 19% for ad networks. Though just 13% of brands say they've brought programmatic video buying technology in-house to date, 88% of those that haven't say they'll do so in the next 12 months.

    Viewability continued to be both buyers' and publishers' top concern, cited by 62% and 58%, respectively, with 42% of each naming it the top industry issue about which they're seeking more information.

    The Adap.tv 2014 State of the Video Industry Report is based on a survey of over 350 media and marketing professionals. The full report is available here.

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