• Survey: 60% of Advertisers Say They Can’t Measure Impact of their Video Ad Campaigns

    Video analytics provider BrandAds has released a survey showing that 60% of advertisers believe they can’t adequately measure the impact of their online video ad campaigns using currently available data and tools.

    More than 50% of those surveyed also said that existing online video measurement tools are too expensive and create too much operational overhead. Over 80% said they must wait more than 24 hours before getting campaign data results, making it almost impossible to make real-time changes.

    The survey also revealed a high dependency on display ad metrics, even though these aren't considered satisfactory, with 87% of respondents relying on impressions and 83% on clicks. However, over 75% of respondents said they also want to measure metrics like viewability and brand lift for their campaigns.

    Trust is also an issue for advertisers, with 88% of respondents preferring data from a 3rd party for campaign measurement. At the bottom of the trust scale were ad networks, with just 3% of respondents saying that they trust the campaign measurement data that networks provide.

    BrandAds surveyed 106 agency and brand professionals in September and October of 2013, 90% of whom worked at either media or creative agencies with 10% at brands.

    BrandAds is a startup whose BrandAds Bridge analytics solution measures the effectiveness of video ad campaigns in real-time for all screens based on direct audience measurement. Advertisers can compare their campaigns' effectiveness by publisher, ad network or creative.

    The full survey results are available here.

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