• Study: Watching TV Programs and Movies On TVs Declines Among All Age Groups

    Watching TV programs and movies on TVs has fallen by 13% during the past year globally, with usage among 14-17 year-olds down 33%, 18-34 year-olds down 14%, 35-54 year-olds down 11% and 55+ year-olds down 6%, according to Accenture's new "Digital Video and the Connected Consumer Report."

    Even though viewing on TVs is dropping, consumption is migrating to other devices. Accenture found that 89% of viewers watch long form video on connected devices. However, these viewers cited numerous problems with their streaming experiences: poor Internet service (51%), too much advertising (42%), buffering (33%) and loss of audio (32%).

    No surprise, smartphones are becoming the go-to device, especially for millennials. Accenture found that 57% of viewers used more than one device at a time, with 74% of 14-17 year-olds globally using TV and smartphone while viewing.

    For those looking to buy a TV, 61% said they plan to buy a connected TV, with 25% saying they plan to buy a 4K TV.

    The report is based on an online survey conducted in October and November, 2014 of 24,000 consumers in 24 countries.

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