• Study: Still Early Days for Second Screen Usage With TV Programs

    A new study from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) released yesterday at CES, revealed that it is still very early days for second screen usage in conjunction with TV programs. The study estimates that 44% of the general population has ever accessed TV program related content on a second screen. This is the group that was surveyed.

    Of this group, 42% (or about 18% of the general population) accessed "synchronous" content, which is meant to be consumed with the TV program, such as polls, contests, Twitter feeds, chats, etc.), and 91% (or about 40% of the general population) accessed "asynchronous" content which is meant to be consumed before or after the TV program such as actor or behind-the-scenes info, trivia, webisode viewing and Twitter/Facebook activity.

    For synchronous content, just 13% of users who have accessed it say it makes their program viewing experience "much more enjoyable" with 24% saying it makes the experience "less enjoyable." The top use of synchronized content is voting during reality shows (29%) and contests (24%), which, somewhat surprisingly, is driven by viewers 55+. Almost three-quarters of respondents (72%) say synchronous content is only appropriate for certain types of programs. The most-used second screen devices for synchronous content are smartphones (32%) and laptops (29%).

    Synchronous content is potentially highly strategic to the extent that it can build value in linear viewing, and in turn deter ad-skipping. However, the data shows that there is still a lot of education to be done for viewers to understand the availability of second screen content and the reasons to access it.

    Asynchronous content is far more popular and CEA/NATPE conclude that it offers a strong opportunity to build viewer loyalty between episodes or seasons. Over a third of those accessing asynchronous content did so to get more information on storylines/actors/characters, followed by a third viewing "sneak peeks" of episodes and 28% for more background on an episode.

    The study was administered by E-Poll Market Research, which surveyed 2,531 adults, age 13+ during the last 2 weeks of October, 2013.

    (Note: NATPE is a VideoNuze partner)

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