• Study: Mobile Video Ads That Include Social Media Buttons Drive 36% Higher Engagement

    Fire up a video on your mobile device and you'll almost certainly observe how social media is playing a bigger role in the ad creative before or during the content. Underscoring this, the latest Social & Mobile Insights Report for Q4 '12 from Rhythm NewMedia shows that 30% of the in-stream mobile video ads carried across its network of 200+ mobile media properties in Q4 '12 included social media buttons like Facebook "Like" and Twitter "share."

    Those buttons are there for a good reason: Rhythm found average engagement increased by 36% - from 1.6% to 2.1% - when social media buttons were included. According to Rhythm, that means advertisers that integrate social elements get more value for their campaign budgets.

    Regardless of whether the creative features social media integration, mobile video ads at large appear to out-perform online video advertising from a completion standpoint. Rhythm's data shows average in-stream ad completion rates are 89% for mobile video ads, compared to 69% for online video ads as reported in YuMe’s Q2 2012 Video Advertising Metrics Report. For short-form video specifically (under 5 minutes, which is most common on smartphones), FreeWheel also found a 68% ad completion rate in its Q4 '12 monetization report.

    Rhythm also says engagement levels are higher for its mobile ads, with in-stream engagement levels averaging 1.6% overall, versus the 0.7% for online video ads as reported by VINDICO's Online Network Ad Insights report from October 2012.

    Also of note is that tablet-based viewing is pretty stable throughout the week, with a peak during weekday prime-time, as expected. Conversely, smartphone peak viewing happens on weekend mornings from 9am-12 noon. It's not clear what causes this, though maybe lots of soccer parents catching up on viral videos sent to them at work during the week?

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