• Study: Incentivized Video Ads Drive 2 Times Higher Interaction Than Pre-Rolls

    A new study released by Jun Group, an opt-in video ad platform, has found that users are twice as likely to interact with a brand upon watching an incentivized video ad as they are after watching a pre-roll. The results are based on 7.7 million incentivized video ad views from Jun Group campaigns between May-August 2012 along with industry data on pre-rolls.

    For those not familiar with incentivized video ads, these are typically presented in games, mobile or social media and offer rewards for viewing completion or other activities such as liking a brand on Facebook. Unlike most pre-rolls, they offer clear reasons to stay engaged and typically the advertiser only pays for actual views rather than impressions. For more background on incentivized video ads, see this interview with Jun Group CEO founder and CEO Mitchell Reichgut.

    Jun Group also found a 98% completion rate for incentivized ads, vs. 67% for pre-roll, along with 3x higher sharing rate. While I'll note my standard disclaimer to read sponsored research with caution, I think the data does underscore how there are many different types of ad opportunities now available to brands. Depending on circumstances and specific objectives, incentivized video ads can be a good, cost-effective option.

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