• Study: Click-Through Rate for In-Stream Video Ads is Four Times Higher Than for Rich Media and Mobile

    The click-through rate for in-stream video ads served by PointRoll in 2012 was .62%, four times higher than for mobile ads (.15%) and rich media ads (.14%) served. The data is part of a new benchmark study comparing 2012 ad performance to 2011. The interaction rate for in-stream video ads was 5.7%, compared with 4% for rich media and .96% for mobile.

    PointRoll also found that nearly 68% of in-stream video ads were watched 100% through to completion vs. 40% for mobile and nearly 23% for rich media. Interactive in-stream ads performed better than standard in-stream ads in both click-through rate and completion. Of 11 different types of sites measured, Kids and Family sites drove the best click-through rate for in-stream video at 1.9%. In-stream video ads that ran on business and finance sites had a 77% rate of 100% completion, the highest of all sites.

    The benchmark study is based on 2 billion video ads impressions and 55 billion rich media impressions.  It is available here.

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