• Study: 99% of Top Global Brands Embrace YouTube Marketing, But With Divergent Results

    Underscoring how important YouTube has become as a marketing channel, a new study (free download here) from Pixability has found that all but one of the Top 100 Global Brands (as identified by Interbrand) now maintain a presence on YouTube. Together these 99 brands have generated 9.5 billion views on YouTube across 2,200+ channels, with over 258K videos posted.

    Beyond the overall volume of activity, the Pixability study discloses a wide variation in the activity level and effectiveness of the brands' channels. Most striking is that less than half the brand videos posted gained 1,000 views or more while just 1,300 videos - a tiny fraction of all the total posted - achieved more than 1 million views. Further, 37% of brand channels haven't been updated with new content in over 120 days and many brands' channels were simply inactive.

    The report identifies 7 best practices for brands which can be summarized as follows: produce a steady flow of new videos that are SEO-optimized, cohesively presented and integrated with social media initiatives. The top brands post 78 new videos per month, with media companies posting 500 per month; no surprise these brands gain the most views. Daunting as this might sound for brands not accustomed to being content providers themselves, the report notes that videos don't necessarily need to be "prime-time quality."

    The payoff for integrating YouTube video with social media is notable: for top brands that do so, they had 89X more tweets and 330x more Facebook activity than those who don't. This is in addition to higher social activity within YouTube itself, such as commenting and Likes. Also important for brands when it comes to social is being a part of conversations in others' channels that are relevant to their products. In other words, brands can't expect to 100% "own" the conversations around their products on YouTube.

    The report has many other insights applicable for any business looking to leverage YouTube for its marketing. Rob Ciampa, Pixability's VP, Marketing told me the company conducted the research to dispel lingering concern in the market about whether brand-building on YouTube was worthwhile. Pixability is a YouTube-certified software company that helps brands and agencies succeed on YouTube. However, Rob noted this survey was not conducted with any YouTube involvement.

    Rob and Pixability CTO Andreas Goeldi also created this handy video below that explains the report's key findings.

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