• Study: 90% of Consumers Still Prefer Watching TV Programs on TVs

    Despite the massive proliferation of video-enabled devices, a new survey released this morning by Verizon finds that 89% of "borderless" consumers and 90% of "non-borderless" consumers still prefer watching TV programs on their TVs. The survey is part of a new research initiative called the Verizon FiOS Innovation Index: Borderless Lifestyle Survey and is based on approximately 2,300 adult respondents.

    According to Verizon, "borderless consumers" are defined as owning a computer, a smartphone or tablet, have an Internet-enabled device with them at all times, are interested in technology and connectivity upgrades and the benefits of a connected home. Verizon believes that fully 40% of Americans are now borderless consumers, with those 18-34 comprising the largest number.

    I'm clearly in the borderless group and also in the 89% category above. Much as I do enjoy watching video on my iPad, I follow the "best screen available" approach for long-form content; if I can watch on a TV, that's my first preference. How about you?

    Conversely, a somewhat surprising data point from the survey is that 52% of all consumers said Internet service is their home's most important utility. Not to underestimate the value of the Internet, but geez, ranking it above, say electricity, plumbing and heating (at least in Boston anyway)?However, I haven't seen the survey tool, so I'm not sure how the question was asked. Regardless, the fact that more than half cited the Internet is a reminder how ingrained it has become in our lifestyles.

    Below is a handy infographic Verizon created summarizing some of the survey's findings.

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