• Study: 58% of Consumers are Interested in Downloading Pay-TV Content to Tablets

    According to a new study by Vubiquity, 58% of consumers would like the ability to download to their tablets TV shows and movies that are included in their pay-TV subscriptions. Of these, 63% would be willing to pay $1 to $5 to stream or download content. Respondents who expressed interest in downloading already consume proportionately more content across all platforms.

    Vubiquity believes a downloading feature offers a big opportunity for pay-TV operators to differentiate themselves. Coincidentally, Will wrote back in October, 2012 how he believed TiVo Stream's download feature was a killer app. In late 2012 Comcast introduced a similar feature for certain TV shows (there are rights issues involved in deploying this more broadly).


    Vubiquity also found that overall, TV shows are the most popular types of video on desktops and mobile devices, though there are generational differences in what devices people watched video on most. When asked what they watched most often on tablets and computers, the youngest viewers (13-17 years old) ranked consumer-uploaded content first, and TV shows second. Viewers 18-34 watched TV shows most frequently. One-hour dramas were the most-watched genre.

    Despite the popularity of video on tablets and smartphones, the study found that the TV set is still the most popular device for accessing video, with 83% of respondents watching it at least weekly and 47% watching daily. About three-quarters of those under 35 also used a computer for watching TV at least weekly; 64% of 13-17 year olds watch video on a smartphone at least weekly, and 37% watch daily.

    While 67% of 18-34 year olds report subscribing to OTT services, 80% still subscribe to a traditional pay-TV service. Among 35-49 year olds, 55% subscribe to OTT services, while 87% have traditional pay-TV subscriptions. And in another bright spot for pay-TV operators, Vubiquity found that 68% of men and 55% of women were aware of TV Everywhere. Both are higher than the 47% combined awareness level that Digitalsmiths found in their recent study.

    The study included 1,600 consumers, aged 13 to 64, who use or own a smartphone or tablet via an online survey in October, 2013. The survey was commissioned by Vubiquity and conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates.

    The executive summary is available here.

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