• Sandvine: 70% of North American Peak Period Downstream Internet Traffic is Video and Audio

    Sandvine has released its December, 2015 Global Internet Phenomena report, revealing that video and audio traffic now accounts for 70.4% of North American downstream traffic on wired networks in peak period. Sandvine said that 5 years ago, video and audio accounted for less than 35% of peak period traffic.

    Netflix has become even more dominant in the past year, now with 37.1% of downstream traffic, up from 34.9% that Sandvine reported in November, 2014. Among other popular services, YouTube was in second place with 17.9% share (up from 14% share in Nov. ’14), Amazon Video was fourth (3.1% share, up from 2.6% in Nov. ’14), iTunes was fifth (2.8% share, flat from Nov. ’14), Hulu was sixth (2.6%, up from 1.4% in Nov. ’14) and Facebook seventh (2.5%, down from 3% in Nov. 14).


    Audio and video were also pivotal in mobile, accounting for 41% of downstream traffic during peak period. But the main video contributors in mobile are quite different than on wired networks. YouTube had the highest share (20.8%, up from 19% in Nov. ’14) in mobile, followed by Facebook, with 16%. Further down the list, Snapchat had 4.3% share and Netflix had 3.4% share.

    Facebook has put a huge emphasis on auto-play videos in the past year, saying last month that it is now doing 8 billion daily video views. Of course, Facebook’s definition of what constitutes a “view” - just 3 seconds - is lenient by industry standards. And Facebook’s video practices have come under fire from many people, perhaps most notably Hank Green in “Theft, Lies, and Facebook Video.”

    Sandvine’s report is based on a cross-section of data from its 250 broadband service providers around the world. it is available for download here.

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