• Roku Hits 1 Billion Streams; Viewing Time Is 31% As Much As Traditional TV

    Connected device maker Roku has announced that it has delivered a cumulative 1 billion video streams to its installed base of media players. Even more interesting though is that the company disclosed that in December 2010, its players were used for an average of 11+ hours of play time per week. Since Nielsen reported that in Q2 '10 that the average American watched about 143.5 hours per month, this would mean that Roku owners on average are watching  31% (i.e. 45/143.5) as much through these devices as they do traditional TV.

    In addition, since comScore reported that November, 2010 online video consumption in general was under 15 hours per person, Roku users watch 3 times as much as much as general online viewers which is a pretty sizable increase. One way to interpret the difference is that when consumers are in "lean-back" mode (as they are when using Roku and other connected devices), their propensity to watch longer-form content and for longer periods, dramatically increases vs. when they're watching on their computers.

    This is the first research I've seen from a connected device maker on its per person viewing patterns and it's quite noteworthy. No doubt as other device makers report their viewing data as well, the momentum behind online delivery will further increase.

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