• Research: Video Ad Completion Rates, Viewability and Time Spent Are All Up

    Video ad tech provider Extreme Reach has released its inaugural Benchmark Report for video advertising for Q2 ’17, finding, among other things, that video ad completion rates, viewability and time spent have all increased over the past year. For everyone in the industry, these numbers are encouraging signs that video ads are maturing and resonating with audiences, which will in turn help drive more spending.

    Key highlights of the new report include:

    Average completion rates overall up about 20%, from 61% in Q1 ’16 to 73% in Q1 ’17, with the highest rates in the latter quarter being connected TVs (94%), premium video (79%), 30 second overall (and non-skippable 15 second (both 77%). The worst completion rates were media aggregator (60%) and mobile/desktop (68%).

    Viewability as measured by % of impressions 50% in view for a minimum of 2 seconds gained around 20%, up from 51% in Q1 ’16 to 61% in Q1 ’17. Premium media (71%) led and media aggregator (58%) lagged. On the same metric, but when the video ad played all the way through, it rises to 71% in Q1 ’17 vs. 50% last year. Once again premium media leads (77%) and media aggregator lagged.

    General invalid traffic that was filtered out declined from 7.91% of impressions in Q1 ’16 to 5.32% in Q1 ’17. For premium media, filtered impressions marginally dropped from 3.68% to 3.35%. But the big drop was for media aggregators where filtered impressions dropped from 18.16% to 9.51%.

    Finally, in terms of impressions served by device, desktop held steady year-over-year at 35%, which mobile increased (from 26% to 33%) along with CTV (from 14% to 18%), with only tablet declining (from 25% to 15%).

    The report can be downloaded here.

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