• Research: Mobile Video Ads Getting Longer, More Engaging

    Jun Group, the incentivized video ad provider, has shared a new infographic with a few interesting nuggets of data, indicating, among other things, that mobile video ads are getting longer and are also more engaging than video ads delivered online. Based on 10.2 million mobile and online video views in Q1 and Q2 2013, Jun Group found that 54% of mobile ads are now 30 seconds, 10% are 60 seconds and a surprising 32% are 90 seconds (personally I'm glad I haven't experienced one of these yet).

    The research also found that users are engaging with mobile video ads at a 5% rate, compared to 2.4% online. Jun Group ascribes this to a lack of competition in mobile from other open tabs and windows as is common online. The research also found that made-for-web video ads drew a 3.3% engagement rate, higher than the 2.5% for repurposed TV spots running as pre-rolls (I'm actually surprised it's not even higher). Last, Jun Group discovered that campaigns run multi-screen were twice as effective vs. web only.

    Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut told me the company is emphasizing native advertising this is integrated with site content. The units use the company's Overdrive technology to shift site visitors to a brand's own site (see Starbucks example placement here). Mitchell said brands are increasingly looking to move beyond getting "Likes" as a performance metric to instead have users more deeply immersed with original branded content.

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