• New "Sporting Views" Research Service Details Online Sports Viewership Patterns

    Sporting News Media, which operates a large sports online video syndication network, has launched a new research service called "Sporting Views," which will provide insights about how online viewers engage with sports-related video.

    The data is based on Sporting News Media's SN ePlayer network which syndicates video highlights from major leagues and rights-holders to over 350 publishers' sites, generating over 20 million unique visitors/mo and 300 million streams/mo. The SN ePlayer network has been comScore's top-ranked online video sports property for 9 of the last 12 months.

    In the inaugural report, Sporting Views found that viewing of sports content on local publishers sites is quite diffused, actually drawing big out-of-market audiences. In ten of the largest U.S. markets, 62.1% of viewers who watch sports video on local publishers' sites were from outside that market. Dallas (72.7%), LA (71.3%), New York (70.9%) and Miami (70.3%) led in terms of percentage of viewers from outside their markets.

    The numbers indicate the national appeal of certain sports teams and also how the Internet helps fans follow their favorite teams and players, regardless of their location.

    Sporting Views also analyzed sports video consumption by day of week, for Q1, Q2 and Q3 of 2014. Consumption was relatively consistent, with weekday viewership most popular for watching highlights of the prior day's/night's game. During football season, Mondays become more popular for watching Sunday's highlights.

    The most-watched video clips of 2014 were all related to major tent-pole sports events. First place was a clip from the SEC college basketball final (Kentucky vs. Florida), second was "National signing day" for college football and third was a college football analysis ("Why the Group of Five should break away from the Power Five").

    Sporting New Media provided the infographic below to help illustrate some of these key trends.

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