• Report: Multiscreen Video Campaigns Surge to 35% of Total Campaigns

    Multiscreen video ad campaigns running on Videology's platform in the U.S. in Q3 '14 surged to 35% of total campaigns, up 59% from the 22% share multiscreen campaigns had in Q2 '14. Multiscreen includes campaigns running either on PC/mobile or PC/mobile/connected TV. Video ad campaigns running solely on PC dropped from 74% in Q2 '14 to 60% in Q3 '14.

    The data further validates the trend that advertisers are seeking to follow viewers as they fragment over multiple devices.

    Videology also found 15-second ads increased their share to 64% in Q3, from 46% in Q2, while 30-second ads dropped from 54% to 35%. This is consistent with the increased use of mobile, which is typically a shorter-form medium than desktop.

    News web sites saw the biggest increase in share of video ad impressions in Q3, capturing 39% vs. just 16% in Q2. Entertainment sites declined from 63% to 36% and portals increased from 7% to 12%.

    As in Q2, the vast majority (91%) of video ad campaigns were bought with a guaranteed CPM, as in TV campaigns. The share of campaigns optimized with 3rd party verification continued to increase, from 53% in Q2 to 61% in Q3.

    An infographic with all of the data is available for download here.

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