• Report: Multiscreen Ad Campaigns Dominate, Measurement is Top Challenge

    A new report from video ad solution provider Mixpo has found that 78% of ad agencies ran multiscreen campaigns on behalf of their clients in 2012 and 90% expect to do so in 2013. In addition, 81% of media companies ran multiscreen campaigns in 2012 and 96% plan to do so in 2013. The report is based on surveys and interviews with 300 industry executives at agencies, media companies, and ad tech providers.

    Despite the strong adoption of multiscreen campaigns, measuring and evaluating campaign effectiveness remains a stumbling block with 71% of agencies and 59% of media companies citing it as their number one challenge. Part of the challenge is that there's no clear consensus on what matters most. When asked to rank the metrics in order of their importance, time spent viewing came out on top, but followed very closely by click through rate, view rate, brand uplift and completion rate.

    Another key challenge is targeting, which was cited by 40.3% of agency executives surveyed. The two underlying reasons for this are limited premium inventory in mobile and inability to track users fully due to lack of cookies in mobile devices.

    In addition to the quantitative survey results, the report also includes numerous contextual quotes from leading industry executives, sidebar conversations with Twitter and 22 Squared and an update on multiscreen advertising being done for tune in campaigns by local TV stations.

    The report is free and is available here.