• Online Video Ad Revenue Up 30% in 1st Half 2013, Trailing Only Mobile's Growth Rate

    The IAB has released its Internet advertising report (based on an industry survey conducted by PwC) for the first months of 2013, revealing a 17.8% increase in total online advertising to $20.7 billion in 1st half 2013. Online video's share was $1.3 billion, up 30% from the $1B it totaled in 1st half 2012.

    The 30% growth was the highest of all categories of online advertising except mobile, which grew to $3 billion in 1st half 2013, up a blistering 145% from the 1st half of '12 and almost 4x from the $636 million it generated in 1st half of '11.

    In addition, as the chart below shows, due to mobile's rapid growth, every advertising category actually lost share of the overall online ad market, except online video, whose share nudged up from 6% to 7%.

    Elsewhere, the report noted that retail advertisers continue to be the biggest spenders on online advertising, with a 20% share, same as in 2012. Financial services advertisers were at 14%, edging out automotive at 13%. Media (6%) and advertising (5%) rounded out the top 10 categories.

    The full report is available here.

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