• Nielsen: Social Dominates Video on Mobile Devices and Online Viewing is Up Strongly

    Periodically someone asks me how I think of the relative level of social networking use vs. video consumption. Of course they have both have been huge trends over the past 5 years, and they are very complimentary to each other. But, at least when it comes to mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) social dominates video in terms of time spent according to Nielsen's Q1 Cross-Platform Report, released late last week.

    Looking at app-only usage on smartphones, social networking notched 9 hours, 6 minutes per person per month, nearly 8x as much as the 1 hour, 15 minutes of video viewed per person per month. For iPads, the range is tighter, with app-only social networking racking up 3 hours, 41 minutes per person per month, just over twice as much as the 1 hour, 48 minutes of video viewed per person per month. This makes sense to me because the iPad is more of a "personal TV" and therefore prone to longer-form viewing.

    Nielsen focuses on app-only usage because it accounts for a disproportionate amount of time spent on both smartphones and iPads. For smartphones, app-based usage drove 87% of users' time spent (about 26-28 hours/month), vs. just 13% on the mobile web (about 4 hours/month). For iPads, users spent 76% of their time on apps (but 12-15 hours/month), vs. 24% on the mobile web (about 3-5 hours/month).

    Meanwhile, comparing online video viewing by age segment Q1 '13 vs. Q1 '12, usage was up across the board. The 18-24 segment continued to have the strongest viewership, with almost 16 hours viewed online/month, up 66% vs. a year ago. The biggest year-over-year increase at almost 71% however, was among the 25-34 segment at 12.09 hours viewed/month. The 12-17 segment also increased strongly, up almost 65% vs. Q1 '12.

    Traditional linear TV viewing dropped vs. a year ago for all ages between 12-49, though increased a bit for younger and older segments. Still, overall traditional TV viewing was up just a bit vs. a year ago.

    The full report can be downloaded here.

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