• New Academic Research Shows Mid-Roll Ads With Highest Completion Rate, at 96.8%

    A new academic research paper on video advertising effectiveness, written in partnership with Akamai, shows among other things that mid-roll video ads have the highest average completion rate at 96.8%, followed by pre-rolls with 74.3% and post-rolls at 44.7%.

    Even when controlling for other factors like an ad's length or the video itself, mid-rolls continued to have the highest completion rate. The data underscores the value of an already engaged viewer. The new research aligns with prior research from FreeWheel which also showed mid-rolls with the highest completion rates of 97% for 15-second ads and 91% for 30-second ads.

    In addition, the research found that repeat visitors to a site have an 85% completion rate for ads, vs. 78% for one-time visitors. Ads in long-form content had an 87.2% completion rate vs. 67.4% for ads in short-form, though much of this difference disappears when other factors are controlled. No surprise, shorter ads were completed more often than longer ads.

    The research also found that start-up delays in video playback were actually a bigger source of viewer frustration; by 10 seconds into playback, if users were still waiting for content, 45.8% abandoned, vs. just 13.4% who abandoned during the pre-roll ad. The report notes that psychology suggests unexpected waits of uncertain duration in the physical world also lead to high rates of frustration. Conversely, because a viewer expects to see an ad, they're less frustrated with it.

    Last but not least, North Americans had the highest completion rate, at 89% vs. Europeans which had the lowest at 61.4%.

    The study was conducted by Akamai's S.S. Krishnan and University of Massachusetts professor Ramesh Sitaraman. It was based on 65 million unique users, 367 million video views and 257 million ad views across all major video genres. The data was sourced using Akamai's Sola Analytics media and measurement product.

    The full report is available here.

    (Note: Akamai is a VideoNuze sponsor)

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