• Mobile Video Viewing is Still Spread Evenly Throughout the Day

    Mobile video viewership appears to be settling into a pattern as mobile video ad network Rhythm New Media's new Q3 '11 report once again shows that video consumption is pretty well spread throughout the day. As seen in the chart below, there are small blips up during the morning, lunch and evening plus a more noticeable drop-off in late-night, but overall it's a pretty smooth distribution.

    The new data synchs with prior Rhythm reports, going back to Q2 '10, as I previously reported. An exception to this is that when broken down by device type, viewing on iPads has a higher spike in evening viewership, while smartphones has a higher spike during lunch time.

    In-stream video advertising also continues to perform well in mobile, as average completion rates remained 87%, consistent with the last 5 quarters. There's very little variation by ad categories, but the highest 3 completion rates were food and beverage (91%), Travel (90%) and CPG (88%). Entertainment continues to be the biggest category of mobile ad spending among Rhythm's clients, accounting for over 20% of all Q3 campaigns. These campaigns tend to promote new movies, TV shows and DVDs. Rhythm doesn't break out the number of advertisers it has, but did note over 125 brands ran campaigns in Q3, with many running more than one.

    For video, Rhythm inserts ads against both long-form programs and short-form clips. For long-form it inserts on TV.com, Crackle and CW.

    The full report is available here.
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