• iPad Users' Click-Through Rates On Video Ads Are Running Higher

    Click-through rates on video ads shown to iPad users are much higher than similarly formatted ads shown to iPod Touch, iPhone or Android users according to new research released today by Rhythm New Media, a large mobile video ad network.

    In analyzing their viewers' behavior in Q3, Rhythm found that iPad users' click-throughs on Rhythm's "interactive pre-roll" unit were 2.32%, which is 58% higher than the 1.47% for the iPod Touch, which came next. Rhythm CEO Ujjal Kohli, who I spoke to last week, said the data suggested the iPad's larger, more immersive environment is leading to more engagement with ads and users' higher inclination to click-through, particularly when more video is involved.

    Another interesting data point from the Q3 research is that viewers of mobile video appear to be more patient than their online counterparts. Rhythm found that 94% stayed with the video for the first 10 seconds (vs. 81% for online, as recently reported by the NY Times, based on data from Visible Measures) and 68% stayed through the first 60 seconds (vs. 56% for online, using the same data).

    Ujjal sees the lower viewer abandonment rates in mobile video as a result of the viewers being more focused and engaged when using mobile devices than when online. I think that's a plausible explanation, though one difference in the data is that Rhythm only serves ads against premium content. It's possible that premium content may be more familiar or was more sought out than random online video, contributing to viewers' higher level of patience. I think it's a little early to conclude too much about the nascent mobile video market as yet, but the difference in abandonment rates vs. online will be a great comparison metric going forward.

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