• Google/YouTube: Research Shows Lighter TV Viewers Primed for Online Video Ads

    It's no secret that with consumer behavior fragmenting over different video sources and media-related activities, advertisers are having a tougher time than ever reaching their targeted audiences. Especially elusive are younger, lighter TV viewers. No surprise, these lighter viewers skew younger with about 31% of 18-49 age group in the category. They're also choice targets for advertisers: they're wealthier, more educated and more diverse.

    To help prove the efficacy of online video advertising as a method for reaching these viewers, yesterday Google/YouTube and Nielsen released new research demonstrating that lighter TV viewers (who average 39 minutes per/day) are more effectively and cost-efficiently reached with online video advertising that compliments traditional TV advertising.

    Google/YouTube and Nielsen ran six cross-media studies that included one group of viewers who saw only TV ads and a second group which was also exposed to YouTube and Google Display Network ads. Campaigns varied in length from 1-4 months and were for auto, retail and wireless advertisers.

    The study showed that YouTube/GDN added 4 percentage points of incremental reach for light TV viewers. Importantly that incremental reach cost 92% less than it would have had it been achieved with TV advertising. It also increased frequency for light viewers by 145%. The TV advertising didn't even reach 63% of the light TV viewers.  

    The findings echo research from YuMe/Nielsen earlier this year that also showed improved reach and frequency, plus more cost-effective impressions for the 35-54 age group. Like the new Google/YouTube research, YuMe also advocated for a combined TV/online buying approach, meaning advertisers should be considering shifting budgets in part to selectively reach hard-to-access audiences.

    I'm betting that this "online video as compliment" angle will become increasingly common in future research results. As I asserted earlier this week, online video offers significant advantages vs. TV, and with a steady diet of ongoing research results, media buyers and brands are going to increasingly recognize this.

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