• FreeWheel: TV Everywhere Viewing Triples in Q1 '15 Anchored By Live Sports

    FreeWheel has released its Q1 '15 Video Monetization Report, which reinforces many of the key trends seen in recent quarters. Of note, TV Everywhere viewing increased 328% vs. Q1 '14, now accounting for 57% of long-form content viewed. Once again, live content grew the fastest, up 140% year-over-year. Sports accounted for 82% of live ad views, basically flat from Q4 '14.

    Overall, FreeWheel found that video views grew 40% in Q1 '15 vs. Q1 '14, with ad views up 43%, the fastest growth since 2012.

    Desktop viewing continued its slide in Q1 '15, accounting for 67% of ad views, down from 76% for all of 2014, as connected TV devices continued their surge, now accounting for 8% of ad views, up from 5% for all of 2014. Smartphones increased to 17% share (from 13% in '14) and tablets increased to 8% (from 6% in '14).

    Roku was the big winner, accounting for 43% of ad views among connected TV devices, up from 34% in Q2 '14. Apple TV was the biggest decliner, down from 33% in '14 to 23% in Q1 '15, with gaming consoles sliding from 26% in '14 to 20% in Q1 '15. Chromecast increased from 7% in '14 to 12% in Q1 '15.

    Connected TV devices have the highest share of live and long-form ad views as well. CTVs get 73% of their ad views from live and 20% from long-form. Conversely, smartphones get just 7% of their ad views from live, and desktop gets just 25% of its ad views from long-form.

    As always, the Video Monetization Report is available as a complimentary download and includes lots more data on the video ad market.

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